PrinceofHonor Introduction

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    • PrinceofHonor Introduction

      Just figured I should introduce myself to the community so that you know a little about me.

      I am new to CoN, I come from CoW where I have been a mod, game operator and am now a senior game operator.

      I love a challenge and can have some place between 8 to 10 games going at once rare occasions I have more.

      I enjoy trying to recreate things and find bugs so that the devs can find a solution.

      Provide me with a problem and I will continue at it until I get a resolution.

      I enjoy being part of a community and strive in all ways that I can to improve things for the community.

      I live in the great state of Maine in the US, always been a country boy at heart even when I went in the military as a Security Police.

      If you are in need or have questions feel free to hit me up I am on Discord as well.
      EN Team Lead