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    • Game Starts

      I Enjoy playing Conflict of Nations and I'm new at this with a few games under my belt. You have probably been asked my questions, but here it goes.
      When starting the game on day 1. What is the best way to start, building, Local Industry vs Arms Industry, Miltary buildings? What is a good strategy for Tech research for military forces?
      When should a player start recruitment centers? Do all players need to purchase gold to get an advantage or can you play without purchasing gold and still achieve victory? Thanks for your input.
    • As Teburu said, have a plan of units you want to play with very early on. Make sure you have an answer for every possible type of unit that your foes may throw at you (e.i. rock, paper, scissors..... you want to carry all 3 around with you). In this game the rock, paper, scissors are: infantry, armor, artillery, helis, planes, boats, subs, missiles..... you want to be able to defend against all of these.

      As far as buildings go, day 1 (depending on your specific nation and plan) you will likely need army bases(or recruitment centers if you spam nat guards) and arms industries first. If you are an island nation, or have many port cities.... hurry and get lvl 2 naval bases with arms industries to you can produce a naval presence. The only GARUNTEED building that you should always build in EVERY city is arms industries.

      Now you may have noticed by now that there are different buildings that you can build in cities vs provinces. MOST OF THE TIME the only building you want to build in provinces are local industries. BUT!! ONLY build local industries in provinces that actually produce recourses. You will see the resource icons over the center of these provinces, all other provinces do not produce recourses, only a little money and manpower.

      And you definitely do not need to purchase gold to win.
      but, that's just my 2 cents' worth
    • If somebody spends a lot of gold, it is probably best to just archive the map and start a new game, if you do not want to do the same (spending a lot of gold).
      Playing with a good team can also help against gold spam and it helps against to focus your tech tree.

      Also observe, what your neighbours are building as troops, then you know, if you need rock, scissor or paper.

      I won maps without having anykind of real navy for myself for example. Just some choppers and a carrier.