Re Introducing Venomous Reserve (2.0)

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    • Re Introducing Venomous Reserve (2.0)

      Hello All My name is Jake or Exras. I am the Owner and Founder of Venomous Reserve at the moment we only play Conflict of Nation, I would like to turn the team into a completive esports team sometime later this year. The team was founded originally to become a sniping team for call of duty however I never got to do that or was really interested at the time to invest a whole lost of money into it. As of right now we are just a conflict team and plan on expanding to esports later this year in 2021. We were founded in 2020 but never really started to get off our feet yet. If you would like to join us feel free to hit us up!

      Also we used to just be Venomous Reserve under the alliance page but now we are Venomous Reserve 2.0 For some reason it will not let us take back the VR tag perhaps someone else is using it so we now use [VENR] and it would not let me use the original Venomous Reserve so I had added the 2.0 to save some confusion. The reason we are now 2.o is because the last alliance under my ownership got disbanded due to the fact I thought I was getting an in-game ban due to me being "rude to staff" however the ban was only on discord. I had overreacted and thought it would be a ban on here and would also be a ban in game but obviously that staff member did not have the authority to do that. If you would like to get into the details I basically bashed on a user for using gold in a map.. And then cussed out another player in a DM who happened to be a staff member.. I had also taken it a step further by joining his alliances discord server and bashed him before I left, he asked if I wanted to be banned and I said yeah sure so all he did was ban me from discord and not in game...

      So anyways we are back and we will be recruiting members and we also have our own discord server too. I have the link for it under our most recent Recruitment thread, I still have to set it up a bit and plan on doing that today. I hope to see some new faces join my team and I hope I am able to clear the air a bit for the discord ban. I would like to apply for an un ban on that server to help advertise the alliance but If I can not get un banned on there that is perfectly fine too. Anyways we are back now and better then ever before thanks for everyone who took some time out of their days to read this.