How cool it would be if you have to choose your own Military Doctrine

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    • How cool it would be if you have to choose your own Military Doctrine

      Playing for a special country in a special location on the map with a specific military doctrine is good.

      But think with me for a second, I mean you are the president of the country, why not you have to choose your own doctrine to fight with?
      Or much better, why not to make a special deal to have a special technology from another Doctrine.

      How cool it could be if you are playing with UK, and you wanted to upgrade your army for another type. I usually prefer Western. But you are the president, the general, why not you don't have the right to upgrade your army for a military that can suit your playing style?

      How cool it can be, if you can place a spy in your enemy's capital to steal some technology for you to easily upgrade your weapons, or if they play in another military doctrine the spy can make an option for you to build some of their army-type.

      I mean why not each kind of army have a special in-game weapon?
      It would be cool if you can make a deal like to buy special tanks or airplanes from the Special Weapon's lab research. You can enter the fight with multiple weapons in your pocket.

      Guns be with us.
    • That would be quite difficult to implement since all the doctrines are fixed right now and changing country details has no prior example to work with. Not to mention it takes away some of the pros that playing a certain country may grant you. Would definitely be interesting, especially with a special unit specialization doctrine revamp, but would also be quite difficult to implement.
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