Fix the Queue

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    • Fix the Queue

      First, I've been playing many different games over the past couple years and have thrown them all away since finding CON. I'm addicted and I like it! - Mostly

      The queue makes the "Long Term Strategy" part of this game realistically possible. Without the queue, we are really forced to make many short-term decisions that hopefully lead to a long-term success.

      The queue is currently unusable for what it has been designed, marketed and (to be honest) what we've been sold for our premium membership (does firecontrol or season units really make it worth the pricetag?).
      After the first week or so it is impossible to ever reach enough supplies to start research while having any units in the queue.
      The queue is designed to allow up to 8 pieces of production to be queued for each city at any one time. Technically most nations could start with at least 40 queue items.

      I think the CON purist (long term strategy focused) should be OUTRAGED at the queue's current inadequacies.
      At best, this is a drastically overlooked software engineering failure.
      At Worst, this is a malicious bug intentionally placed into the game to force already paying members, to spend gold to move forward with research.

      Here are three changes CON could implement to fix the queue:
      1. Provide a "Pause Production" button that would prevent any new queued production from starting.
      2. Add an hourglass to research: Just allow available research to be added to a queue slot.
      3. Make research "Auto-queued" so I can hit the "Start Research" button prior to having enough resources. Nothing using rare earth or supplies will start until the research starts.

      I cautiously say, I feel a little bit ripped off by what the queue is right now (sort of feels like criticizing my super model girlfriend for not understanding the relevance of quantum physics).
      Looks aren't everything and I require my partners to also understand the fundamental nature of what we are made of.

      If you agree and want to see the queue changed, please like this post.

    • Pleasantry apart, a lot of us are aware of the deficiencies of the queue list and how it could become so much more worthwile, and your suggestions are, well, pretty much shared by everyone i think.

      The question is not if, but more "when" Dorado will work on that topic.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.