Air attacks not causing wars?

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    • Air attacks not causing wars?

      In a game I play, one of my cities are being attacked by Stealth Strikefighters and Gunships (losing civilians and morale) but somehow war has NOT been made! As far as I know, a AIRattack (or groundattack for that matter) is automaticly declaring war, as you press the city you want to attack.

      WHY is it that there is no war between us. Is he allowed to continue to attack my city indefinatly without war being made?

      So far, according to my reports, there have been 3 stealth strike attacks and 2 gunship attacks on my city.
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    • High-tech, air-combat aircraft using stealth technology meaning they are invisible if they are not attacking. Unlike their non-stealth counterparts, these units are able to identify stealth units, and do not declare war when infiltrating enemy air space. These units like their other variants are able to carry missiles, with the exception that they can do so starting from Tier 1.

      For more info about units check the website mate.

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    • Read AGAIN what I wrote... and I quote:
      "So far, according to my reports, there have been 3 stealth strike attacks and 2 gunship attacks on my city."


      You totally MISSED where I stated he was using them to ATTACK my city! I know how the stealth works! I was NOT complaining about that! I am "whining" because his attacks is being done despite being at PEACE

      Btw, GUNSHIPS are NOT stealthy! AND he is also using GUNSHIPS (helicopters) to attack that city, and YET we are at peace! Explain!
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    • 737373elj wrote:

      If he haven’t declared war just declare war on him
      If need be just submit a bug report (settings —> bug icon) and fill it in with what happened
      That's what I was thinking, only I didn't say it 'cause I thought it was too obvious and he had to have tried that.
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    • Ofcourse I can/could/would/will declare war. But this about aircraft NOT auto-declaring war when being sent to ATTACK a city. How did he avoid that? Is it a one-off bug? Repeated bug? (must be, since he bombed the city atleast 8 times (now))

      And for the record, I really REALLY didnt want to get into a war with him. He has about 60 cities, with 40 annexed and he loves to nuke cities ...(game is on day 17, slow server)

      update: He dropped nukes on 4 of my 6 homescities (we are now at war, but it was with a cruise missile attack he declared war, not an airstrike)
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