Be able to name units (divisions)

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  • Be able to name units (divisions)


    I just thought it would be a cool extra to be able to name divisions yourself rather it auto name them, currently they're just named like '2nd tank division" should be able to name them yourselves and also have like 9th army division and 6th army division names and i also suggest more options to customize your country like maybe set its status i.e democracy and stuff which determines what resources you get more of and your likeability and relations and actually be able to control your flags, national anthem music that plays when someone clicks on your countries info tab, set a leader name as currently as far as i can see there is no customization in terms of your country you're just units in an already put together country with no ability to change.

    'But people would bring back Hitler' its a war game and apart of history its the same as people can upload their own flags to coalitions or name coalitions what they want too (so can already bring back Hitler) so don't see the argument being valid really and you can just block words but i don't see why cool features should be put aside as some might abuse them when that can be fixed with some sort of censor words, think all of these features out weigh the cons.

    My first post :) just a few things i have thought of when playing the game like its good in terms of units and stuff but actually running a country not so much and when you invade countries you should have power over them to change its status and flags to your own as you won but currently as far as i know there isn't any reward for beating a country everything remains exactly the same, i know its more of a war simulator not run a country type of game but still would be cool to have control over your own country, if these have already been suggested then sorry :) love the game so far.
  • playbabe wrote:

    it would be but as right now it really best fit on the special unit like those officer and carrier.
    My suggest would implement it as predetermined list of name to select instead.

    but the legacy code probably not allow this and current feature is fixed to the unit not stack.
    Yeah, I'd like to at least choose which naval "task force" is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd......
    but, that's just my 2 cents' worth
  • What about people being **** and naming their units stuff like **** and ***** and ************ because it’s funny? That would definitely not do. There are lots of inappropriate names that could definitely be used. Not to mention it would be server-intensive and probably way too much code

    Jemandanderes wrote:

    Teburu wrote:

    seems to me more like you want cow to be HOI lol
    Ok, so first do you mean Call of war or just a cow? And what is HOI?
    Hearts of Iron. Interesting that you’ve never heard of it.
    Currently on (potentially permanent) hiatus

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    Yet the sky still fascinates us, is it such a crime to keep on dreaming?
  • Your country, your time, your gold you spend on your country why shouldn't you get the right to change things and every game has users who use stuff in a bad way it cant exactly be helped...if a game decided to make it 100% troll free it would be so boring like oh lets not add this or that as a few might abuse it but good idea though...i'm not a dev but have seen in similar games where words are blocked and dont allow you to set something if it contains a word, national anthem music on someones country info page wouldn't be custom music either it would be able to pick an anthem from a list of anthems all used today, flags you should be able to change even if it means another drop down list without allowing you to upload your own it still gives you that little more control, simple customization goes a long way on a game like this especially with the amount of time per game, currently as far as i can tell you're basically just a commander ordering around units thats about it you're not exactly a leader, if you play defensive rather than offensive too the game will drag even longer even more of a reason to be able to change stuff, i have beat 3 countries so far and only been on the game 6 days...all i got was a massive loss in units where's the reward? flag doesn't even change to yours when you take their country or anything.

    Also, i cant see how the argument of "people could upload n*zi flags" and stuff as their countries flag can be used when literally anyone in a game can upload custom flags for coalitions? whats stopping them abusing those flags? all they need to do is make the flag the correct size and can set it so no doubt out of millions who play some coalitions have ww2 flags...again seems like features are being looked down on due to a small majority who might be silly even though they already can be silly with custom flags.

    Idk just my thoughts from playing the game for 6 days now.

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  • If you are worried about being triggered by images that offend your political dogmas, then allow players the option to 'revert' their views of game images to the original values.
    Thus, if seeing a Nazi flag would send you scrambling for your safe room, instead you can just check the option to not see custom images.
    Then you would see a blank flag, and can continue playing the game in your little visual cocoon.
    The rest of us will proceed as normal, inside a wider, more diverse and inclusive game.
    Win/win for all.
  • It's the second time i see you say this kind of thing. You sound like it's an obsession. Chill man, nobody is gonna steal your freedom here, especially in a topic dead since more than 6 monthes.

    You can name officers, and you can name them Adolf is you want. Division name doesn't happen because it's technically difficult and not worth the effort.

    Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.