CHALLENGE: See if you can recreate this bug

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    • CHALLENGE: See if you can recreate this bug

      This "bug" I call: The Aircraft/Airfield Infinite Refuel Bug.

      The aircraft/airfield split infinite refuel bug is when you have air units (usually 5 or more) based out of an airfield, and you split them up to do separate missions rather than a 5 stack, sometimes when they get back, one set of them will get stuck in an infinite refuel. It's obvious as the plane icon will not be angled like other refueling aircraft, but pointed directly down and it will be positioned above the airfield no matter what direction it came in from. If you move your cursor over it, you will get the "Refueling for 15 minutes" that ISN'T counting down. Usually it will stay that way for about 10-30 minutes before it fixes itself, adopts a normal angled view AND then begins starting the countdown from 15 minutes.

      At first I thought maybe this was intentional as perhaps airfields aren't supposed to be able to refuel multiple groups at the same time, but no, I have many times refueled 3 five stacks at the same time, it only happens when I split stacks.

      Now I don't know how many planes are required but the last time I had it happen to me I had originally 2 five stacks there, 1 I kept intact, the other I split into two 2 groups and a single SF
      Only happens at airfields not airbases
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    • Received the bug once before when I was playing Rising Tides Madagascar, my 5 max level Strike Fighters had just returned from a sortie and were based out of a lv. 3 Air Base in Antananarivo. Submitted the bug report but issue seemed to have resolved itself by the time the devs got to it. I never tried recreating it.

      Dealer of Death wrote:

      have air units (usually 5 or more)

      Dealer of Death wrote:

      based out of an airfield

      Dealer of Death wrote:

      split them up to do separate missions rather than a 5 stack
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