Moral and Declaring War

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    • Moral and Declaring War

      One thing that i struggle with is the negative moral bonuses from being at war with many nations.
      For example the rebels, i try to not be at war with the rebels until day 10 or longer, the longer i can delay being at war with the rebels the quicker i can expand.
      I have found that going from being at war with 1 person - 2 people increases the average time you spend in a city from a few hours to 2 days to reach that 30 moral.

      Which leads me to the issue of Alliances, whom just be declaring war on you, massively halts your expasion ambitions, your resource production and ive even heard your military effectiveness. Now as someone that has won a few solo games, it puts you at a massive disadvantage, as your not only fighting 5 players, your spending longer to stop insurrections which can be as simple as 1 enemy infantry unit taking a city, or a naval vessel bombarding a city until rebels attack. Then you have to keep troops in that city for 3/4 days just to combat the rebels and stop them spreading.

      Being at war with 2 alliances, or 8-10 players and you start hitting those negative moral bonuses where your bunking your homecities, and rebels insurgencies are destorying any expansion you once had. This is just something i have struggled with as its not really something you can combat, as each member 1 by 1 declares another war and another you feel the pressure increase and increase.

      I guess what im suggesting is something along the lines of "war with an alliance" rather then 5 seperate wars.
      It would allow solo players for ability to stay in the game if their allies proved inactive or worse they betrayed you.

      Honestly, id just love to ally with the rebels (don't try, creates bugs) :evil: :love:
      Anything to relieve the pressure they put on you with their insurrections and expansionism.
      (id support a rebel stronghold in my lands, the whole "enemey of my enemy")
    • This is very, very interesting.
      I have a lot of respect for you, I hate to say it, but if you are playing blood and oil or rising tides allying with the rebs is the worst u can do...
      I was france, and I nuked Turkmenistan with primary missiles and secondary naval artillery.
      New Caliphate(rebs) won the next day with 2200 VPs.
      "Le patriotisme, c'est aimer son pays. Le nationalisme, c'est détester celui des autres."-Charles De Gaulle, Leader of Free France in World War 2.
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