The Trial of Michael58126

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  • The Trial of Michael58126

    As some of you know I have been banned from the official CON discord server for an unknown reason. (I have my suspicions but no official reason was ever provided) My CON account has not been banned which is confirmed by the fact that CON says that I am already registered on the email tied to the account. This means that I haven't been banned from CON altogether and that my account is just suspended. Also, the fact that an Administrator approved this account and that you are seeing this is a clear indication that I haven't been fully banned.

    As a result of this I would like to appeal my ban from the main discord server as I believe that I am being banned from there for no reason at this point as I haven't been banned. I intend for this thread to serve as a trial or even just a discussion of my situation so I can hopefully get some clarity on the situation.

    I hope to at least gain the following from this discussion:
    -The official reason for Michael58126#4893 being banned from the CON Discord Server
    -The official reason for the suspension of Michael58126 from CON and what actions I can take to either regain the account or have it deleted
    -The ability to go back to the server "Dawn of a Decade"(DOAD) and delete any In Character (IC) articles, backstages, comments, and other things.

    I shall now recall the events that happened before my ban and the events afterward:

    First, I get banned from DOAD for going a bit too far by spam pinging two players: Tilom/Namibia and ItzmeCr/Canada after they had spam pinged me for no real reason. After I was banned from DOAD I left Global RP as well and I may have said a mean comment or two about Cpt and the staff on both servers although I don't have access to the official CON server and CptAmerica1701 has deleted all of my messages there so they are long gone. Following this I went on my alt Guess Who's Back? and went back on to DOAD where I stayed for a little while before being banned. Sometime after(before maybe?) this I spam pinged both Tilom/Namibia and ItzmeCr/Canada as they had both unblocked me for some reason after the previously mentioned incident. Following this CptAmerica1701 sent a message and we had a conversation in our DMs which is attached to this post. CptAmerica1701 sent a message that I didn't understand and refused to clarify even after I had said that I didn't understand his message. CptAmerica1701 then banned my account from the official CON server for no real reason and that is where the story devolves into the war of the alts. The fact that an Admin approved this account and that Michael58126 has only been suspended clearly shows that I haven't been banned from CON completely and I would like to get some answers and appeal my ban here. Finally, I would like to go back onto DOAD in order to delete my quote "shiddy, unrealistic, RP" so that it cannot be used by other players in the future. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk
  • If you wanna get unbanned your best bet is to complain to their support teamleader; not sure but i think discussing bans is against forum rules (at least i remember in call of war that was the case)

    also: why the unholy fuck would you start/finish your sentences with (( and )) thats weird as fuck

    oh and "alts" just refers to having alternate accounts
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  • User doesn't lack audacity, to claim he doesn't know, when i passed more than one hour in discussion with him to make sure he understood the cards were in his hands as per the possibilities to get unban. He already made his choices and i was as open and tolerant i think i could ever be.

    At this point, it's not even a Team Leader he needs to seek, but a CM. (Aquela, Maxim, or Yak)

    We do not condone multiaccounts, trolling the official discord with alts, and disrupting the operations of community-endorsed roleplays. And we don't do trial, we enforce calm, discord included.

    I lock this """"appeal"""
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