View a Finished game?

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    • View a Finished game?

      I was wondering if you can view the map of a finished game, or if it remains an all black screen.

      I've recently (within ~40 days) discovered CON and got some friends interested on base. I was going to show it to them via screen shots so they could see thought and such (a buddy of mine is particularly interested in how tactical it can be, which admittedly I'm still learning the exact degree) so when I logged into my phone amd saw that the game was finished after a few hours of a blacked-out map, I was hopeful I could at least show the endgame of how it turned out. But the map is still unable to be viewed. Is this an eternal thing saying "game over, no more looking for you" or will it maybe self-correct? (I saw another thread here about black screen, was unsure if that was the cause or not)
      Everybody tells me to read The Art of War, but I don't understand why. I can't draw or paint to save my life.
      Game History:

      3714087 : Kansas - The Midwestern Alliance for Democracy : Coalition Victory, 2nd Overall
      3738748 : California - We Are Weeners : Coalition Victory, 3rd Overall
      3793639 : Maine - No Coalition : 2nd Place
    • 737373elj wrote:

      Your Archive should have your recently finished games. Not too sure if they implemented it on mobile too though.
      Just verified, it is the same on mobile. I just viewed a game that concluded maybe 10 days ago. Itll still bring up the conclusion of the game (Victory, Defeat, 1st, 2nd....) just exit out of that and you can view the game map as it was when victory was acheived.

      MissouriSailor wrote:

      (I saw another thread here about black screen, was unsure if that was the cause or not)
      I think this is the real problem. Some have reported seeing blacked-out game screens recently.
      but, that's just my 2 cents' worth