New cities

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    • Hi, I was wondering if we can get at least a couple of cities for a few nations mostly Russia in the 64 player map, Russia is one of the most difficult nations to play as for the lack of cities in Europe and Asia especially when most of Europe joins one coalition and I usually fight Poland and sometimes Germany, I have kaliningrad that can't produce troops, I can't really send troops there to defend it when my mainland cant even produce enough to defend itself, so kaliningrad is completely useless when in reality it's one of Russias best strategic position to trap and swallow the Baltics due to how close it is to Belarus,
    • Then it doesn't balance with the US' ten cities. Both of them have 10 cities (which, btw is the highest possible amount in the game) and they're meant to be the countries with the most cities.
      The issue you have right now is more like you can't play Russia well. Russia's strategy should always be to guard its flanks by allying with countries either down south or in the west so it can focus on one area
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    • Let's take a second to think about both USA and Russia's roles.
      USA has 2 possible enemies, Canada and Mexico.
      Half the time USA allies with both.
      The other 40% he attacks one and allies with the other.
      Then the other 10% is that USA is a noob that archives the game.
      As for Russia, Russia will likely ally with either Eastern Europe or Asian countries, so it can focus on the other.
      For instance, Russia allies with Finland/Ukraine/Belarus and deals with the Koreas/Mongolia/Kazak.
      Or it allies with Japan, China, Ukraine, and Turkey and then deals with Mongolia/Belarus/Scandinavia.
      For russia, contrary to real life, diplomacy is very important.
      So no poisoning people or Annexing other people's territory because of it's "ties" with you.
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