Suggestions for improvements

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    • Suggestions for improvements

      Hi guys.

      Just a few suggestions, that I know is mentioned again and again, but still.. Thx for a great game.

      - A troop overview window.. To see where your troops are, waiting? Fighting? moving? Hard to keep track when you really start to grow.

      - Production city overview tab to manage prodution cities easier.

      - Alert box on naval and ground radar contacts (specific to counter non-hostiles on a possible surprise attack mission) and a log so you dont have to watch the screen all day)

      - Auto attack anyone not in coalition if they pass this point.. For now placing navies and units around a POI that you want to protect dont really help. Someone on a surprise attack run will pass clean by the point if you are afk.

      - Drone log on contacts found while scouting

      - Drone waypoints to autoscan areas.

      - Major issue with players joining a game, building lvl 1 basesand then abandoning game shortly after for no obvious reason Also the slots dont seem to open as they should, currently in a game with 80 % players inactive but no slots have opened after almost a week. It just ruins the enjoyment and challenge of the game for thoose willing to play..

      It is a hard one to fix but would be so much more challenging and enjoyable if people actually played so active players wont have to wade through "dead" countries.

      1. A max cap on active / archieved games per player.
      2. A direct leave and instant slot opening option.
      3. A quiker kick timer during the first 2-3 days?