Ability to filter and sort game better

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    • Ability to filter and sort game better

      Currently, there is 4 option to filter games, and as far as my experience of a year playing this game, they do nothing. I suggest introducing more option to filter and sort to find a game easier. Now, this is from my zero knowledge of game development so i don't really know the technical limitation of a game like CoN, but any of this implemented would help with the experience of searching for a game. What i came up with thus far:
      - Filter by game speed (4x or 1x currently)
      - Filter by game mode (Overkill, rising tide, WW3, flashpoint, ...)
      - Filter by availability (Full or not, passed time limit to join or not)
      - Filter by date started or ingame days/time passed

      - Sort by ingame time passed
      - Sort by number of players joined/ slots left

      Any more suggestions in the comment are welcome <3
    • I'm thinking this at least the 3rd time I've heard this proposed in one form or another. Try using the search function for similar threads before you go off thinking you had a great idea (even if it IS, in fact, a great idea)

      Here, I did it for you as an example:


      Check out those threads and satisfy your curiosity.
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    • Dealer of Death wrote:

      One other thing: - "Filter by availability (Full or not, passed time limit to join or not)"

      WHY would you want it to return a result of a Full game, ... ever? So you can see what you can't play?
      I...don't know actually. Maybe if you want to join a full game latter on for some reason, or maybe simply an option to hide the full and on-going games.
      And I did a search, the only one I found with some details is this :
      UX improvement - Add Game Mode to Search Filter for New Game
      But he only mentioned filtering game modes, not the filters or sorting function.
    • This is an idea that is LOOOOOOOONG overdue. Strikes me as extremely puzzling that, in all this time, something as simple yet as extremely effective as this has not been implemented yet.
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