New Unit: Amphibious Assault Ship

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    • New Unit: Amphibious Assault Ship

      Thought about this unit and I wonder if anyone thinks it could be viable:

      AAS. A large, support ship similar to the aircraft carrier. Features of the ship are as follows:

      The ship itself is not capable of much, having an anti air envelope and radar detection of 50. It is defenseless against ships and subs. Each AAS can carry 5 land units and 5 helicopters at maximum level.

      Ship can carry on it land units with the “Amphibious Assault” attribute. Note that this is not the same as “Amphibious” attribute. Amphibious assault is similar to air assault and is possessed by the following units:

      Naval Infantry
      Special Forces
      Combat Recon Vehicle
      Amphibious Combat Vehicle
      Tank Destroyer
      Towed Artillery
      Mobile Anti-Air
      Infantry Officer

      When a unit possesses this attribute, that means that it can be carried and deployed by an AAS. Amphibious assault works like this:
      -Conducted within a range of 100 of the ship
      -Select the land unit stack and then select a province to deploy to
      -Once deployed, units convert to a landing craft. Landing craft is significantly faster than transport ship, but has less health
      -When landing craft hits land, units are instantly disembarked and proceed to their target destination
      -Units cannot be commanded during assault

      I think this unit would give more value to amphibious units and add more strategy to the game. Now, the risk of an amphibious invasion is much more significant and people will have to be more weary of where they defend. Let me know if you think this would have value in game
      Yee Haw