1 last port

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    • 1 last port

      Now, since it seems like we are not rolling back on the ports update in WW3 map (not that I'm against it), I feel like I should bring this up. I don't know if this fits more in suggestion or bug report though, cause it seems like an oversight to me. But we are still missing one last port in the Tarp area of Germany to complete access to every pieces of lands on the map. Haven't seen anyone brought this up since it's not that much an issue, but I might as well, having a little piece of enemy's land left over to the end of the game, too small to justify researching marine, is just a little bit irritating.
    • Hello Aether,
      thanks for your information.
      This is a known Issue, the devs missed one ;). I´m pretty sure it will be fixed in a following update.
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