Encirclement Bonus

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    • Encirclement Bonus

      You find yourself walking through a dark, eerie jungle with your fireteam around you. The moonlight shines down upon the ground in a way that you have never seen before. Years of training, of pain and strengthening, and yet the jungle finds a way to make your soul quiver in fear. Everywhere you look, you see shadows. It feels as if this may be your last mission.

      The unnerving silence is broken by a familiar scream. “Contact!” yells the pointman. You scurry for the nearest cover and identify the contacts. Before you can think you feel a sharp pain in your back and fall to the ground. You soon realize that you are surrounded. The others might be dead. What happens now?

      In conflict of nations, battles are decided (for the most part) before they happen. 2 lvl 1 infantry will die to 2 max level infantry, a tank will destroy a NG, etc. However, battles are not so linear in real life. The Viet-cong, despite being poorly equipped, gave the US a very hard time. Argentina caused major problems for the Royal Navy before ultimately losing the Falklands, despite having technology from the early Cold War. The deciding factor of battles is the strategy and planning, which in many cases can make up for poor equipment.

      Encirclement is a mechanic that is surprisingly absent from current gameplay. It is an essential part of strategy that cannot be used. It immediately spells death for the encircled unit, as they find themselves split and without cover.
      By adding this feature, Dorado would be supporting skilled players that can execute these maneuvers.

      Execution would go as follows:
      For every additional direction that a unit is getting attacked, the stacks damage is reduced by 25% (will not exceed 75%. This applies for land and sea units.
      Let’s say, for example, your stack is in a city. This city has 4 “paths” leading into it. These paths are the ones that units must follow. If a unit goes down a path and attacks, your stack is at maximum efficiency. If another unit goes down another path, your stack is at 75% efficiency. An enemy on a third path, you are down to 50%. The lowest it will go is 25%
      This opens up the following strategies:
      Pincer- You take your stack and split it in half. One half goes from on direction and the other goes the other direction.
      Distraction- You take a single unit behind the enemy, attack, and then send a big stack to hit them while they are distracted. This may result in less units lost but is risky because if your distraction unit dies then the stack is at full efficiency

      Unit that are otherwise underutilized become important factors. Airmobile infantry, CRV and TD can perform crucial flanking maneuvers with air assault to change the tide of battle, being limited by the enemy air defense. A player who faces a considerably more powerful opponent can make good use of their infantry that would otherwise be annihilated by the enemy. Units like tanks that rely on melee combat become considerably more useful in practice. Corvettes can be fatal to cruisers with the right planning.


      Edit: Of course, no new suggestion would even work in CoN without a nerf to MRL. Reduce damage vs infantry and armor by 1.0 point for MRL
      Yee Haw
    • ...
      The unnerving silence is broken by a familiar scream. “Contact!” yells the pointman. You scurry for the nearest cover and identify the contacts.

      You go for your radio, you call it in, then your nice stack of MRLS mow down the jungle in front of you. As you continue on, you find the rocket riddled corpse of some vile nerfing creature spawned from the depths of Hell. It a good thing you had MRLS. You smile. When the reports get back, it makes news worldwide and a MRLS appreciation week is declared, as all MRLS will be buffed to double all stats and have all terrain penalties removed.
      The world rejoices.
      *** Warning: This poster is on double secret probation ***

      "Death comes to us all. Shall I deal you in?" - DoD
    • You are doing it wrong: Just call in a nuke :D

      How ever this could back fire and make stronger enemies even stronger, make infantry/tank-spam even more 'interesting'.

      If you attack with a 10 stack a 5 stack, you already have quite the advantage, because you outnumber the hostile unit.

      Also it would be hard to communicate, there are probably all ready enough 'features' a new player can hardly figure out, because the do not get explained properly