Losing strike fighters for an unknown reason

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    • Losing strike fighters for an unknown reason

      I have a question about aircraft, does anyone know why I left a group of 6 strike fighters patrolling the sea, I noticed there were only 5 left when I next looked, so I sent them back to repair as they were damaged and I assumed that they had been attacked, however on their way back I lost another, my notifications did not say anything of the matter however the news said that I had lost 1 strike fighter above an enemy occupied city (they did not have AA) and on the way back it had also said that I had lost another strike fighter, but this time above one of my own cities, there was no information on what caused these casualties nor which nation was responsible. Any ideas why this is?
    • Could it have been AA, SAMs or frigates that you can't see?

      Anti-air units can attack planes on patrol from really far away. All it takes is for the radius of the aircraft to slightly overlap the radius of the AA, and the AA will engage (the planes won't always!). So for example, if there's a frigate that has an attack range against fixed wing of 100 and your planes have a attack radius of 50 while on patrol, the anti-air effect of the frigate will kick in at up to 150 distance - they seem to be able to detect planes well outside their own radar radius in this situation. Your planes might have a radar radius of 60, so the frigates can be 2-3 times as far away as that, and you won't necessarily know they are there. I believe ground-based anti-air units that are in a stack containing radar work in the same way as this.

      The notification you get of your planes being damaged notes the position of your planes, not the position of the AA that engaged it.