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  • General SMG -

    I have asked for help over the past week or 2 with no response... Please help me with my account issues

  • cruncher10 -

    My iPhone was banned. Can you unban me thanks I have spent a sum of money on gold and it’s sad

  • deudji -

    bonjour je ne retrouve plus mon profil que dois je faire ?

  • Link1999 -

    hello I have been unable to join the back my game I was randomly kicked out 2 days ago and have been trying to get help everywhere I spent so much money omg im so sad please help. I have been using discord but haven't been assisted yet. I can't create my own forum post as I have not been approved yet please help

  • ATLBuford22 -

    Hi , I’m currently in game #6794946 - player profile name playing as India ( Gay4greens ) is using racial slurs and nicknames in chat towards me.

  • AONN -

    Hi, I accidentally deleted my account, can you reactivate it for me? Nickname Aonn

  • D-Blades24 -

    Is there a way to unlock my account - it is still inaccessible thanks

  • Juxtaposer -

    Game 6292104 foul language coalition name and description

  • Big bad Wolf -

    So yeah if you can put me in the right direction I'm trying to look around and learn this server stuff I know this is the way that I'm going to find good people to play against exclusively kind of I would say 99% of the people that play the game or I don't know I'm not sure what they're thinking

  • Big bad Wolf -

    I would love to play death match my biggest complaint is I can't find a worthy competitor for anything without bragging I'm so much better than anybody I played against it's ruining the game for me I would love for somebody to whoop me I just don't know if anybody can

  • xRecreatedPlays -

    is there a reason why you guys had reduce the city amount of a large majority of nations in the WW3 maps? honestly though, why couldn’t you guys increase the amount in weaker nations it were for competitiveness and balanced gameplay? furthermore, each map would be much more chaotic and perhaps more fun for the player base in general

  • Wilko1 -

    Hi Dorado could you help me please i have been banned but have no idea why, my in game name is Wilko1

  • martym011#2420 -

    Hello. I have been using my account on iOS since last year and recently switched to Android and am unable to login to the account I was previously using . Unfortunately,I currently have nothing which uses iOS and I don't want to start over at level one ,unless it were unavoidable. Any suggestions? My user name showed up when I tried using a iPad with safari, but otherwise I'm being told my info matches no account . I can message whatever info needed to verify. Thanks

  • RobBetts128R -

    Why is my team mate banned for buying gold. His name is TheTankGawd and happens to have money and on his first game spent a lot of money. I told him lets play games with out buying gold so we started on 5066770. I also bought a lot but not as much as he did. If this is how the game is ran I need to know, I will quit today.

  • Grandpa AL -

    I cannot get on the game. What ETA do you give for a fix.

  • Clock -

    Season 6 unit? Trash. Season 7 unit? Absolute piece of rubbish, worse than the previous. Oh yeah, the game's been down for over a week for many people as well. What, a new map that isn't there still after over a month since the announcement is still leaving players hanging? There's probably more that I don't even know. What the hell is happening in there? Get it together!

  • Gwyndie -

    I have written to multiple staff members and have had no response at all. I paid £5.49 yesterday afternoon for council membership and the money has come out of my account but it says my council membership isn't active? Also when I've pressed to buy it again it says I already own the product?? And even since I've bought it it comes up with error-22. Please can someone help me?

  • CaptTazrFace -

    Yes could someone please reply

  • CaptTazrFace -

    Yes i need some currently in a game but for some reason i was logged out of conflict of nations completely and i cant figure out how to log back in.

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    I'm sorry, but I believe that was extremely unfair. I have also sent another email to support explaining this, just as suggested by the page when I tried to access the game today.

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    All I did was request a refund for the Security Council Membership since It would not work on the mobile app, and you banned me? Right after I bought some Gold, too...

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    Hello, this is WiZeGuY. Why have I been banned?

  • Iron Rooster -

    This is the first account on this forum

  • Duki mk -

    How hapend my copitol is destroyed my units from there mising and for that no exist any report in mesges


    Hello guys please can someone hellp me or tell me with this . Why i cannot grow up my lvl's because i play half year CON world war III on mobile aplication and i cannot catch one fucking lvl. My expirienced stop...:(

  • Iron Rooster -

    Hello. Can you please approve my account so I can post?

  • hissar -

    Please would you share the link to rules for chat and newspaper use by players.

  • Crash -

    Hey I bought 72,000 in gold for 34.99 usd and was charged 75.00 and never received and gold I would like a refund please!!!

  • Chaode -

    I have a brother that plays this game in the same house hold and this anti cheating said it will ban be if caught on same WiFi, is there a way to fix this??