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  • Gwyndie -

    I have written to multiple staff members and have had no response at all. I paid £5.49 yesterday afternoon for council membership and the money has come out of my account but it says my council membership isn't active? Also when I've pressed to buy it again it says I already own the product?? And even since I've bought it it comes up with error-22. Please can someone help me?

  • CaptTazrFace -

    Yes could someone please reply

  • CaptTazrFace -

    Yes i need some currently in a game but for some reason i was logged out of conflict of nations completely and i cant figure out how to log back in.

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    I'm sorry, but I believe that was extremely unfair. I have also sent another email to support explaining this, just as suggested by the page when I tried to access the game today.

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    All I did was request a refund for the Security Council Membership since It would not work on the mobile app, and you banned me? Right after I bought some Gold, too...

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    Hello, this is WiZeGuY. Why have I been banned?

  • Iron Rooster -

    This is the first account on this forum

  • Duki mk -

    How hapend my copitol is destroyed my units from there mising and for that no exist any report in mesges


    Hello guys please can someone hellp me or tell me with this . Why i cannot grow up my lvl's because i play half year CON world war III on mobile aplication and i cannot catch one fucking lvl. My expirienced stop...:(

  • Iron Rooster -

    Hello. Can you please approve my account so I can post?

  • hissar -

    Please would you share the link to rules for chat and newspaper use by players.

  • Crash -

    Hey I bought 72,000 in gold for 34.99 usd and was charged 75.00 and never received and gold I would like a refund please!!!

  • Chaode -

    I have a brother that plays this game in the same house hold and this anti cheating said it will ban be if caught on same WiFi, is there a way to fix this??

  • Penguenes -

    Merhaba oyundaki altınlarım benden habersiz gitmiş ben herhangi bir harcama yapmadım veya gelişimde bulunmadım kendi kendine gitmesi mümkün mü?

  • Nancymill -

    I am a new member to C0N and am getting an Error. I am using a shared internet with another player. Would this be the reason?

  • Destruker -

    Dorado, I would like to know where I put this type of support.

    about 3h to 4h ago, I bought 5,000 gold with the + 20% promotion, which would give the 6,000, I bought on the credit card where I usually buy it, and I always received it at the same time, and this time it didn't credit, and the strange thing is that I received that message when we received the gold, but when I harvested it the credit was not there.

    Note: "I have proof of purchase, in case you need it"

    Nick in game: Destruker

  • manolin88 -

    Yesterday I made a gold purchase in the afternoon and they haven't paid me yet, what can I do?

  • CHEMA555 -

    hello. this morning I bought 113,000 gold on the stock through PayPal for 13.99 EUR, the money was withdrawn and there is no gold, what to do, tell me please.

  • Tundra1 -

    how do i make a complaint against teams that are wolfpacking

  • kaiseresse -

    Hi...I'm having big difficulties to find the right way to do it, anyway I want to signalate a memeber in match 2844393. It is Sircausey (Kenya): Me and other player suspect that he has multiple accounts (Maybe also Saudi Arabia and United States). It is really strange how he knows everything about what we do or tell to other players, overall on these 2, that also go outside and come back inside their coalition multiple times as needed.
    I ask you to check.
    I'm sorry if it is not the right place where to write it, but I'm new of the Forum and I was not able to signalate this thing in the right place.

  • Dealer of Death -

    Are you guys all on vacation? How many years does it take to get approved?

  • AlfaNuke -

    hi, i have a problem with account. i have account on stem with username alfa nuke and account on web AlfaNuke. I whant web account to add on steam, old steam account i dont needed any more.
    i love to play a game on steam,it's much better for me to play on stem then on a web browser

  • SoullessKnight -

    Hi I'am bought the membership for play with my brother. But i can't do it. I can't use whitelisting option please help me.

  • diverpop -

    Map number 2650523
    Please check this player ( ZELWOOD ) playing by SPAIN he is cheater when we attack some of us do not lose his troops even though my forces are higher than him in development

  • manuelrapa -

    Hello ! My acc was deleted by mistake and cant log in. I writed to support, and they told me they fixed the acc and took it back but I still cant log in the account.. Acc username - Manuel Mutafyan. Can u do something ? Greets from Bulgaria.

  • Drakonal -

    Hello. My friends got banned for "Multiple Accounts" Just because we all play on the same internet service in the same building. My account as well as one other got unbanned. but the other three are not unbanned. Our leader is SharpShooter_55, as well as Kaden Weiss, and DankYeemes. We ask that you unban The accounts. Every account who has played and allied with SharpShooter_55 are all separate people. Thank you, And have an Okay day.

  • Algarfer -

    Hola, estoy pensando que es muy necesaria una modificación en la Cola De Construcción, algo que permita agilizar la forma de ordenar los recursos, cuando llevas una partida ya de varios días, sueles tener ya una cola bastante extensa, si quieres crear unidades nuevas o adelantar posiciones de edificios, que se hayan quedado muy atrás y ahora necesites que se adelanten, es una labor muy tediosa el tener que ir puesto por puesto y bajando desde la primera posición hasta donde se encuentre el objetivo en cuestión. Pienso que es necesario, el poder seleccionar el objetivo que nos interese y marcarle directamente a la posición que lo queremos llevar, eso agilizaría notablemente el proceso, eso o cualquier otra fórmula que mejore la existente, que como digo, es bastante lenta y laboriosa. Espero que esta recomendación se tome muy en cuenta y se actúe en consecuencia rápidamente, no tiene que ser tan difícil el poder modificar el sistema de ordenación de la Cola de Construcción. Muchas gracias y reciban un cordial saludo de Algarfer.