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  • openwingme -

    I had the last month, really big problems with the game, The bugs piled up, I play games also already a boredom, from minimum level 2, also sometimes became level 3, I thought that was sometimes the ad, but then compared the prices, so eh already spent more like 100 euros for the game but still enough, no, that's not a bug, but the prices you ask, for a just still beta version, I have lost many conflicts, because of the texture, of course I understand all that, I myself am a developer for for an online format,...

    I used Brave browser, thought yess, at least texture gone, no with Opera for gaming all set up in settings, I even play Safari sometimes, anyway.

    I have a mac,...
    Games disappear in the archive, I admit I also give many there, but I always look at the tag and au the first 3 digit number,, that always worked, I know the criteria, for the elite tank for a long time, he could not be unlocked, So now I have with almost all my games me on strategies ferstgelegt, but that goes yes felt 3 week not, sometimes not,... then I have the elite lying around

  • shenders69 -

    My account is just gone. I did not delete can someone help me

  • madddddoc -

    gameID=6646048. Our coalition has reached the VP limit but the game has not ended. Please check.

    • FarmerJG -

      It takes 24 more hours for the game to actually end to allow people to have the most VP's possible.

  • madddddoc -

    The but seems to be fixed

  • Overcaster71 -

    I am in a middle of a game cant get in is there and anybody having same issue it is game 6056407

  • patton06 -

    Hello Gen I am an alliance leader and I am trying to figure out how I can invite a player to my alliance.

  • Wilko1 -

    Hi Gen did you manage to get anywhere regarding my ban? So to message again, just that ive put £150 into the game in the last 10 days and i was second in my map, so im egger to get back playing

  • Wilko1 -

    Hi Gen Vager could you help me please i have been banned but have no idea why, my in game name is Wilko1

  • Turantula -

    Hey Gen ;)

  • Clock -

    Your profile picture is great