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  • linsim -

    Thank you for giving this insightful information. Your webpage is really good. Python io It's amazing how much information there on your website

  • TheShinwacker -

    And I invited you to our alliance in case you would like to join.

  • TheShinwacker -

    Hey Big bad wolf, To join the 'Battle of Active' I think it is a thread in the forum but here is the link,…e/&postID=71463#post71463
    Just post that you want in and we will count you in. Looking forward to playing with, or against you:)

  • Big bad Wolf -

    What I'm doing with lately is as soon as somebody faces me and get rejected I'm a big defense player I like to be fighting on my home turf but so they'll they're invasion will get stopped and man they spend money lots of money and so I've been dealing with that it seems like three or four players per game get super pissed and just spend lots of money but it doesn't really matter what kind of military you have it's how you use it

  • Big bad Wolf -

    Hey what's up yeah let me know how I would join that game that you were talking about all active members I'm not sure I'm learning my way around discord can you play games through this quarter is it only a form for information and ideas?
    Yeah you'd probably be the best player I've ever played against and that would be so fun I mean I've had some bad luck and I played against mostly does I can remember very clearly and I have high respect for a few people they have no idea that I do have that much respect for him but it was so enjoyable playing against them they want that good they could just barely survive me

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  • TheShinwacker -

    It was a field trip for school in maybe 6th grade and I found this stick and it just seemed to be the perfect stick for wacking shins.... so some people went home with sore shins that day. And my user name for pretty much everything is Shinwacker.

  • TheShinwacker -

    The story behind my user name is quite funny

  • Second Cannae -

    *whacks your shins*