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  • milhaponi -

    Hi are you the one who helps with destroyers? In my game I can’t get my destroyers to attack enemies! Please help! Game 6680014

  • Cpt_Merica -

    Can't tell if you are being serious in your posts/replies or if you are some sort of politically hyperbolic/ironic caricature (trolling). If it's purely for trolling, hats off to you! I won't make you admit to it on your wall so you can keep the act up! On that note, I hope you enjoy my pfp as much as I enjoy yours. I would only suggest you use a different background color. Yellow makes me think "Simpson's Lives Matter" too; we all know Maude Flanders is the only Simpson's life that matters (mattered, I guess)! Perhaps adding green, similar to the Jamaican flag, on the top and bottom would honor your Jamaican heritage. I only need to add oil dripping around my border. Once I complete this, the presence of my pfp on your wall, and soon, in forum posts and replies, shall bring balance to the tumultuous and dramatic forums once again!

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      Thank you for supporting my heritage.

      I'm not a troll, I just speak the truth... and say what needs to be said.

    • Cpt_Merica -

      Alright, then on a serious note: What is it you feel needs to be said, and to whom? From what I've seen, much of your cause is in supporting newer players. You can look my in-game name up. It's the same as my forum name. I also run an Alliance called "Defenders of Freedom". To save you the hassle of navigating to my Alliance page, this is the description:

      "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson (1787)

      Our Mission: To shepherd, support, and shield new players, non/light gold spenders, from the toxic tyrants and dictatorial powers that be; we will forcefully extract the toxicity within this community when necessary.

      We are the defenders of Freedom and Liberty, Mercy and Justice. We will do whatever it takes, pay any price, climb any proverbial mountain, to aid those in need."

      So if you are serious about your cause, and it sounds like you are, you've found an ally. That being said, if you are truly looking to remove toxicity from within our community, the way you are going about it seems to be counterproductive. I intend no offense whatsoever by that statement. Again, if you are serious and agree with the mission of my Alliance, and find that it aligns with the values you are fighting for, then I think it best we move this to a private conversation to share ideas on how best to tackle this problem. I understand I may seem like a relative newcomer. It isn't as it appears. I hadn't bothered creating a forum account until some time last year, only lurked/researched, and never commented. I am using my second in-game account because I had originally used just my phone, stopped playing, then picked it back up on Steam/PC. My old account used some odd email that apple auto-generated. I eventually decided to just create my current in-game account to give myself a fresh start. The players I've accepted into my Alliance are primarily heavy gold spenders or great tacticians/strategists who align with our mission, along with those newer players that need some extra help. I've been working in-game, it seems you've been working on the forums. I intend to bring my cause to the forums but would be best if the currently most outspoken forum user on this issue can work in tandem. Feel free to message me if you want. If not, that's fine too. I just have a different approach that is tried and true that lies somewhere between you and KFG. Somewhat of a Tifu approach from the response I've seen on his wall.

      P.S. Apologies for the wall of text.

  • wlm trumpist -

    No they don’t.
    White lives matter.

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      All Lives Matter...

      This is just to support Black History Month...

      I already know you're gonna say something racist so I reported you.

    • wlm trumpist -

      No you didn't.
      You are stupid, immature little prat.
      Black people should go back to Africa where they belong.

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      Cilivization started in Africa, and in a way were all related so.

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      And not all black people originate from Africa.

      I'm Jamaican, my origin is from Jamaica not Africa.

    • wlm trumpist -

      You’re black?

  • nikkisavi -

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  • arfyarfiehdsgil -


  • KFGauss -

    I blocked this account of yours long ago hoping that a block would hide all your nonsense. It didn't.

    That's why I recently asked xxWolfxx if the forum's block function is broken (it might be).

    Regardless, I'm hoping that letting you put nonsense on my wall will keep that nonsense out of the forum threads. So, have at it, you're unblocked.

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      Ya I blocked the guy who says, "Issue resolved" and I can see all his stuff.

      Blocking on any social media site... you can still see the person's profile and replies.

      The person just can't talk to you directly through chat or video comments... or in this case wall comments.

      So you can see everything I say after you block me... I just can't talk to you through wall comments, and or conversation.

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      Daily tip from TD4!

      That might be an everyday new thing, to "contribute" and not be a, "shit-poster" as a few have said. *rolls eyes*

    • KFGauss -

      Not all social media sites behave the way you described.

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      A good some of them do... like how I'm gonna block this homophobic guy up here!

  • Red Snapper -

    Have I been a good fish?

  • querie64492 -

    Hi I am queęr and I have faced queęr phobia in the game

  • babushka13 -


  • knoll.reviva1 -


  • krangtep10 -

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  • egget iii -


    I have been locked out of my account, but since the server is down, I cannot receive an email to get back in.

    Please help!

    My in game username is Egget III (those are three letter “i” s, and I live in Ireland.

    It would be great if I could get back in soon. Thank you for helping me!

  • etudani -

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  • Red Snapper -

    How can I stop all these trolls from posting on my wall?

  • blahblahblooie -


  • marzavik62 -

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  • WednesdayAddams -

    See ya round :(

  • skinner63 -

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  • Tifo_14 -

    D4 - if it wasn’t very clear to you, CJ clearly said the reason why he left in this thread:…t/&postID=80103#post80103

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      ITS not my fault, he has the ability to block the user... we all know there is not no good security here.

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      /like no one even know the reason he left... he just left...
      IF he has a problem how the forum is ran, get a darado job as a moderator and work. like bffr

    • Tifo_14 -

      That’s why I suggested having a thread or collection of threads that explain the forum functions to new users. He probably didn’t know about the “block user” function.

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      So... Why did you put my name (twice) in your reply in the Norway thread... Claiming that it was me and wedsday's fault. Cj can figure that sh!t out himself... and if he want to leave the forum over a 1 spammer let it happen.

      Can I get a amen on that?!

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      He need to learn this is a google forum that anyone who plays the base game can join, expect that there will be some bad apples.

  • coetz116 -

    Can you answer a question for me?

    How can I renew my SC membership without making a separate transaction?



  • bkn2 -

    I want to play in Hungarian

  • Tifo_14 -

    You remind me a lot of Anna Jija - you both were:
    - 50% serious and 50% goofball
    - Avid KFG haters
    - Very passionate about your opinions and ready to defend them

    Too bad she left, you would have liked her :)

  • AONN -

    Hi, I accidentally deleted my account, can you reactivate it for me? Nickname Aonn

  • WednesdayAddams -

    #OverthrowKFG dictator

  • uiholeps -

    Hi, my username is uiholeps, and it seems someone hacked into my game and moved my units around! Game id: 6610081

  • krielginaz -

    hi i have gotten locked out of my account, but i did not multiaccounts, please investigate, my account name is kristall69

  • nhoso pax -

    Are you in charge of destroyers? Because there is URGENT BUG in my game where my destroyers won't attack enemy units!

    URGENT BUG PLEASE FIX! Game ID: 6558912

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      HA no. I'm not a moderator here. I have never seen this before?
      Go ask my "Secretaries"

      Maxim CM

  • Tifo_14 -

    I'm back, thanks for caring about me :)

  • jdhhhhhh -

    Please help, i cannot build the emote swarm uav anymore!

    • The Destroyer 4 -

      Sorry Sr. I'm not user to ask for help in this forum. But I got a suggestion.

      Did you get the required 500 season points to unlock the unit.

      If your still having trouble contact:

      Maxim CM

  • WednesdayAddams -

    Hi there friend