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  • Dio Eraclea -

    I changed mu in-game name and there is _some lag_ in-game but I need my forum name updated to "eastwindrain"

  • Bud-Da -

    Need help have two accounts one from an older phone and one from my current one can you help

  • ATLBuford22 -

    Hi , I’m currently in game #6794946 - player profile name playing as India ( Gay4greens ) is using racial slurs and nicknames in chat towards me. Go check our messages please and let’s keep the game clean,safe and fun for everyone

  • reissJ -

    hello sorry to disturb you but my google sign in on conflict of nations isn't showing up can you please help me thanks since i used google sign

  • AONN -

    Hi, I accidentally deleted my account, can you reactivate it for me? Nickname Aonn

  • DarkVade9 -

    Hello, how do I report a player. I want to report a player bc of false accusations and threatening to ban one of my friends and inappropriate chatting. I can’t find any type of report button in game. I want to know how you report a player.

  • Georgee93 -

    Hello, i can't sign to war USA. Can you do something with this?

  • areddwarf -

    production has stopped.
    Can't start any new building. Units that were already building are all paused. Can't put any new units into production... game number 5954884.. if not system wide issue

  • Bohemianation -

    How do alliance games work? why doesnt the alliance page inside the game work why do I have to do this through fourm

    what are tornament games