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  • tom123davis -

    My account has been banned. I do not think there should be a reason for this. If anyone sees this, and has any suggestions, I would sure like to continue my world domination. I feel like I am screaming in an empty room....

    • Alphh -

      Hi Tom,

      We are currently reviewing your case and we will get back to you.

      Thank you for your patience!

    • tom123davis -

      Thank you Alphh. Please let me know if I can help in anyway.

    • tom123davis -

      Any news Alphh? How long do these things usually take?

    • tom123davis -

      So, this has been quite a thing I guess. I have been oit of the game at day 30+ for approx 2 days. When i left, i was very interactive and leading 3/4 of thise games. 2nd place and grinding in the 1/4. I have apent the last 2 days reading all I could in the pages here, and I find no reason why I should be in this banned situation. Did I play a round where someone didnt like my game Dominated format? I understand with the time difference, this could be delayed, But..... can someone tell me what is going on? I just started playing this game and already things are fishy. Someone please respond, as my civilizations are suffering due to lack of attention :)

    • tom123davis -

      When i was logged off mid game, i had just lauched 3 offensive movements into hostile territory. This will directly effect the outcome of all 3 games! Just let me log back in please.....