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  • RED RAKI -

    RED RAKI adlı hesabım neden banlandı Yak lütfen bir açıklama yap

  • med1116 -

    can you help? havent been able to get into my game all day game 4034352 user Me ValeVerga

  • Kenshi -

    Hey can you change my in name game from Malakaaa to Titan

  • bijzondere -

    hi after the latest update iam having problems with security council membership in game it says iam not a member but if i log out and back in it then says iam, then after a while in game it will say iam not a member again

  • spaksu -

    Please help
    A moment ago I can't login my account. it keeps sayin that "Invalid username or password." When I use forgot password it says :" A user with this email has not been found." But user "spaksu" 's mail address was: spaksu@gmail.com

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    I'm sorry, but I believe that was extremely unfair. I have also sent another email to support explaining this, just as suggested by the page when I tried to access the game today.

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    All I did was request a refund for the Security Council Membership since It would not work on the mobile app, and you banned me? Right after I bought some Gold, too...

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    Yak, this is WiZeGuY. Why have I been banned?

  • ghtt -

    Hello yak if you have time please dm me ;)

  • ghtt -

    Hello i would like to report a trouble maker a young bored person in the name of elastic wealth with his alts in the name of Central inteligence Agency please check up with him many people have accused and reported him and no act has been taken.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Regardly a con player

    • ewac123 -

      Hello! What have I done against you?? Please respond.

    • ghtt -

      First of all who are you?
      Second if you are «ElasticWealth» i kindly ask ou to stop infiltrating discord server and creating alts.

    • ewac123 -

      ????????????????????????????????????????????? WHAT IS YOUR INGAME/DISCORD NAME?

    • ewac123 -

      I kindly ask YOU, who is probably someone in the "Silver Knights", an alliance that uses bluecord to wreck the CoN official server. ^^

    • ewac123 -

      "many people have accused him" I am in 10 discord servers, and i was invited to all 10. (as diplomat for alliance or whatever).

  • Snhadeur -

    I was banned from CON WW3 for some reason I don't know yet, I didn't do anything wrong I don't cheat, don't double count. I would like to recover my account and play, I spent a lot of money in your game I don't want to be fooled for nothing! thank you

  • Mornning Star -


  • Darth vader 1 -


  • 737373elj -

    Was just thinking, if you expected delays for Season 6 you could have given a more modest ETA

  • Iron Rooster -

    Iron Rooster was here

  • howydrum -

    Blacked out map on phone , game 3811409 user howydrum please help .

  • Falljunge -

    Hello, i cannot log into game 3842993(world war 3 x4). After some time it says i cant connect. I hope you can help, i would really apreciate it.

  • ojj317 -

    i cant post but all my games have disappeared in the recent patch

  • Iron Rooster -

    Hello. Can you please approve my account so I can post?

  • Azie -

    I've sent a message to you about a minor being assaulted and have yet to hear any solution.

  • chihou221 -

    ysk:do you tell me why my accounts are banned?I first play this game, I have two accounts, but play in different doom.whether everyone must obtain one account?can you tell me? sorry my English is not good, do not know whether explain clearly. a Chinese player.

  • AmericanJedi -

    Since the last update my map is a completely black screen. I have a lot of time and a few purchases of gold in this game. Can you either help me resolve the issue or issue a refund for the purchases I made on a map I can no longer play on

  • Hezbollah-313 -

    Moin zusammen,
    ist jemand vom Support hier bräuchte dringend hilfe mein problem ist nun schon seid 24 h und habe alles mögliche probiert nix hilft..

    • jemandanderes -

      An deiner Stelle würde ich nicht auf eine Pinnwand was schreiben, sondern im Forum unter „Qustions“ Außerdem würde ich es auf Englisch schreiben.

  • Nikki_L -

    I have had 2 solo wins but my stats only show 1 how do I get this fixed.

  • larej -

    bonjour une faute de frappe c'est glisser dans mon adresse mail du coup je ne peut recuperer mes butins de guerre que je veux rectifier mon adresse j'ai pour reponse que cette adresse existe deja comment faire pour corriger merci

  • aman -

    Anyone who can help me recover my account... i forgot my password and the game is not sending me new one ... how can i fix it

  • Colonel Jed -

    Hello, I need someone to help ​me please. I set up this account by accident two days ago and made a $11.99 payment from my PayPal account. I don't know how this happened, but it did and all my gold is sitting on this account that I can't use. The account the gold was supposed to go to, is my account with a user name of "Colonel Jed" and my user ID number is #5647906 and my coalition is the "Steel and Wheels" Coalition. Will you please help me Sir because I don't know who else to contact for assistance.

    Thank-you very much!


  • CROWS 1 -

    arkadaşlar ben kural ihlali asla yapmadım.BU oyun haric her oyunda en az 1000 tl lik altın aldım.Bunu yapan insan ihlal yaparmı. KOALİSYONUMDA TÜRK BAYRAĞI VAR. ONDAN OLABİLİR Mİ :
    altın alanlar bir bakıyorsunuz altının bir kısmı gitmiş .BUNDAN 6 ay önce bu tür sıkıntılar yoktu ancak son zamanlarda kredi kart kopyamaları K.K habersiz cekimler oluyor dikkat ediniz

  • CROWS 1 -

    CROWS 1 hesabım neden yasaklandı acaba
    ne kural ihlali yaptım nede uygunsuz bir hareket
    sebebini bana acıklarmısınız

  • Cameron Hoskins -

    For the las 14 hours game 3588730 hasnt been working. Says error can't load game try again in a few minutes. Says servers are busy