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  • Wilko1 -

    Hi Yak could you help me please i have been banned but have no idea why, my in game name is Wilko1

  • Tom lanister -

    Iv been trying to contact support for acouple weeks to no avail about unlocking my seasonal troops. I rushed to do it but still cant seem to locate the warthog plane even though iv seen a youtuber use it. Can you help?

  • DonRager -

    Yak I was banned recently. I was in a legal situation that prohibited me from any gameplay across more than one game please lift my ban. I was a regular active player before this happened. Thank youb

  • maxiimu -

    2109 ok mais 2922

  • maxiimu -


  • maxiimu -

    pour quoi jai ete banie 170$ pour du gold et la banie explique moi

  • TJTantan -

    Can u pls make a world game map called east vs west?

  • NavyVet -

    So if you need help in the game, on discord or on con news please let me know i can attach my CV to you as well I love this game and am a huge fan

  • NavyVet -

    Pryivet kak dela hello friend how are you doing? So I have picked up some experience and applied to be Staff. I could help either on discord, CON CORM or in game. I can also speak German, English and Persian fluently and I have a good understanding of Russian. i can also do some basic trouble shooting and can type over 90 WPM. Please let me know if you have a use for me.

  • Leec -


  • Leec -

    I would like to know for what reason my account has been band

  • Leec -

    Why has my account been band??

  • Re Nigo -

    Re Nigo - 8 minutes ago
    I can’t play the game anymore. The game was working perfectly until this morning, but now i am blocked on a black screen after entering a game. I tried with another match but nothing, i also tried installing the app again but nothing. What can i do?

  • Sputnik3 -

    Hey yak my account was banned , after the system help told me my issue should be fixed

  • Kenshi -

    Hello my ingame name is Naxsi and I want to change it to DeGoat

  • Ninjamaster263 -

    Hello I got banned for no reason
    Today when I logged on a game it said i was banned.

  • Redfenix1990 -

    Hi I wanted to know how I can talk to an administrator in the game and I have not updated my profile for weeks and I am really fed up.do you know who I can contact?

  • Kazami-san -

    Hello, I would like to know why I am banned from the Kazami-san account since, as I see it, I did not break any rules

  • dudaev24 -

    How do I create a topic for proposals?

  • heavyo -

    The last few days i've got five or six emails saying I had a private message but then when logging in, there is none. Is there a way to open a bug report outside of an active game? Thx

  • sNzzp4k1 -

    This problems has been happening since 2016 I think, my games keeps loading whenever I try joining my nations, it’s happening all the time.

  • Teburuiswack -

    My account username is Antman171819 . I was logged out and can’t sign in. When I do with my Apple ID, another account comes up. The Apple ID is [email protected] please help me. I was mid game! Was a great game too.

  • CaptTazrFace -

    Yes could someone please reply

  • CaptTazrFace -

    Yes i need some help...im currently in a game but for some reason i was completely logged out of the game and cant figure out how to log back in

  • Smallsword -

    Hello, I've bee waiting for my account registration to be approved for a few days now... Sorry if this isn't the proper channel to solve this issue but I noticed other posts asking to be accepted on your page and thought that maybe I should try.
    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  • BQUIDI -

    I am experiencing a bug with Special Forces units stuck on a permanent disembark mode. The glitch happened when I air assaulted from first traveling in the water. Now they are stuck on disembark and frozen in place.

  • ONE2PLAY -

    hello i would like to become part of support staff i speak english & croatian i am 38 years

  • oryxil2 -

    hy, I can't write in forum for recluting staff.
    I'm 50, I like this game, I'm Italian and speak english

  • Navy1Mike -

    I think I can help you out I am a navy vet, I have been waiting for about 3 years and I can speak 4 languages, I have been waiting and a huge fan of the game. I sent my application to [email protected]

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?