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  • Eldering -

    multi-account in-game
    The player may have 3 accounts.
    Game 2915539
    I attacked Italy, during the battle the Austrian infantry flew in and a battle ensued. Then, I noticed an Italian fighter. The fighter is based from the base of Serbia.
    All three accounts are not connected and are in different coalitions.
    They are entry level.
    As a player who donates in the game, I would like to play honestly. Please understand.

  • Pishito -

    Hi, community manager

    My user name is Pishito and I can not get into the game. I can reach the loading page but then it gets stuck. How can I access this game and play?

    Thank you in advance

  • Mr.Obuffo -

    Ciao scusa volevo sapere ma le unità costruite in una partita, una volta terminata e iniziata una partita nuova, vanno perse?

  • Make Geo -

    hello i wonder can me `Make Geo great again` (ingame user) (registered as my facebook)
    and my brother `User484603` (ingame user) (registered as his facebook)
    Play together in games we really want thanks!

  • Tirannosauro -

    I want to know what it means that the officer can only be on a battlefield at the same time - thank you

  • PerigeeNil -

    I sent an application for the support staff volunteer position to the support email given.

  • Simple -

    Does anyone ckeck double acc ? I have suspicion that one is playing with two acc. Can you chek please.

  • ross222 -

    yak i got question but it would best to have this as as private conversation as being i dont know ho to do this could you set this up

  • sgassman2 -

    looking to set up an internal alliance game, flash point, random select, 21 players, start now ,and a pw

  • Dedeye99 -

    Are you able to assist me with setting up an internal alliance game?

  • PutinW -

    hi Yak! I saw on forum situation between alliances "Sarmatis" and"wolf.""I see the right decision of the administration on this issue. I want to raise the question of the same situation on the elite map with the Alliance "Sarmats" and my Alliance "Guys of steel". so same was violated time the beginning of war, and also was agreement about not involvement leaders. I did not raise this issue earlier because there was no precedent, and in General convinced me knowledgeable players that it was useless to appeal to the user. But now seeing that you not indifferent to fair issues players, want raise question about dishonest actions "sarmats" and so same abolish this battle (agree outmaneuver its if wants leader "Sarmats") the reference on forum: forum.conflictnations.com/inde…%D1%82%D0%B0%D1%82%D1%8B/ if necessary I can provide further screenshots of the negotiations and the process of the game.

    • Opulon -

      We know. It's one of the first events where we recognised "negotiate agreement, anticipate to break it' policy. It's just that, at that time, we were more passive and "observing". Your challenge is too old and there is prescription. Also, Sarmats have been punished "for all they have done so far". No need to make it more severe. Ultimately, we just want them to change their policies and play fairly with the community.

    • PutinW -

      Хорошо, приятно что вы отслеживаете ситуацию

    • PutinW -

      Opulon! . The crux of the my issue not in desire mentor to punish Sarmatians, and in need establish fair in such a case statistics Alliance - as it turns out and recognized all, from-for dishonest game leadership Alliance Sarmatians. My request is, if possible, to remove from the statistics of the battle of the alliances the battle and reset it (it's not a punishment, and promoting justice, I think). And in General I for something that would Falcon and Sarmat not have blocked... you need to play with them and prove that fair play is more interesting than cheating.

  • cameron2012 -

    Подскажите пожалуйста. Как написать жалобу на игрока читера? И можно ли вообще.

    • Yak -

      Пожалуйста, опубликуйте отчет об ошибке в игре, чтобы сотрудники службы поддержки могли провести расследование.

  • dvmarin -

    Hi Yak! game #2787100 day 29. Inactive nations (Portugal, Iran and Sweden) have suddenly begun to madly build buildings and armies. All three are players with only one game, and therefore inexperienced. I suspect that a player (Turkey) controls them. Instead, the other inactive players build nothing. I would like to know if I should report it, or if it is possible that the computer suddenly becomes an expert builder in some specific countries. Thank you!

    • OneRandomPlayer -

      What type of buildings are they making? Generally, AI likes to build unusual buildings such as recruiting offices and space out their troops. In any case, you should send a bug report in-game just to make sure.

    • dvmarin -

      Airports, industry, naval bases, army bases, until level 5. They also investigate and improve their army by reaching level 6 infantry, for example. But, in spite of that, I have seen later that when they attack, they move without estrangement. It seems computer control, but until now I had never seen this. Maybe it's an improvement of the program. I have not reported it. Thanks friend!

  • PutinW -

    greetings Yak! Players of my Alliance want to know: why removed the post of chronology of the battle between the Sarmatians and us? at the same time his posts with mocking videos and comments on my guys remain in the public domain! with respect to your business Putin W

    • Yak -

      Hi PutinW,

      Let me Private message you on the forum.

  • tails85 -

    Hi, i join an alliance,they accept it.

    But it didn't show that i join. My name in game name is tails85

    What's wrong ?

  • Dealer of Death -

    Pinch hitting... for Pedro Borbon... Manny Mota... Mota... Mota...!

  • Dealer of Death -

    How can I contact support if no one will approve my forum persona???


    is there a moderator to report a player??

  • Apollo2020a -

    I can not login to this game 2737410 it games me error-1 user name apollo2020

  • Generally Ugly -

    Game Number 2716253. I was sent a very abusive in game message by Spain -Player name: ManniGamer. I did not like the message that included M***F and to go F*** my mom.



  • Mr Thickburger -

    Hey Yak, when will there be another 1990 Europe game?

  • Big Smoke -

    I think this player could not saying is but possibly cheating, their name is vinnipuh, he seems to have better units, and a lot more than he should have at what hes got, he could be golding and i could be wrong about saying he is cheating, but i think its better for him to be looked at just in case, he is a lot weaker than most of the people, and is somehow able to defend against 4 giant countries and help out 3 all at the same time. i''m unsure if he is cheating or not, possibly golding, but you never know if actually find a cheater sometimes. i hope it isn't a cheater and a big misunderstanding i got, so i can actually say gg to the guy rather than accuse him of cheating.

    • Yak -

      There aren't any cheats for CoN, if you believe he is multi-accounting post an ingame bug report with the player names and reasons you believe he is cheating and we will investigate

  • SoullessKnight -

    Hi I'am bought the membership for play with my brother. But i can't do it. I can't use whitelisting option please help me.

  • DeadCaptain -

    Hi Yak! I read the rules, but I'm not sure.
    Can we post screenshots of a match where we were betrayed by our own alliance?
    Just for know...

    • HATMAKER -

      Im pretty sure that the server would fail if everyone were to come on here and bitch about all the times they had been stabbed in the back. For better or worse its just a part of the game.....

    • DeadCaptain -

      And the reputation of that alliance, remains untouched? I mean alliance, not coalition.

  • diverpop -

    Map number 2650523
    Please check this player ( ZELWOOD ) playing by SPAIN he is cheater when we attack some of us do not lose his troops even though my forces are higher than him in development

  • zblizz -

    BUG IN GAME 2648154 - Game does Not load
    Windows 10, Firefox, 16G RAM, zblizz

    • zblizz -

      Anything I can check on my end? One game loads, the other does not.

    • ThePanda -

      I actually tried logging into that game and it worked just fine. Maybe try a hard reload (Ctrl+F5 on Firefox) or try Chrome?

    • zblizz -

      Chrome is now working. Firefox is still not.


    Game 2594619- samschode is cheating, my units randomly disapeared, they didn't even engaged in combat.

  • Eneks -

    I have problems logging in one of the games(the other part is fine) gameID=2627903 Username-Eneks

  • JFoulke -

    Yak I sent ya a private message, let me know something, thank you