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  • amykor -

    Where should I write complaints if a player does not play fair ???

  • Destruker -

    Yak, how are you?

    I had a little problem a little while ago, I bought 5,000 gold + 20% = 6,000, on the credit card.

    However gold was not credited

    the message appeared, stating that I received the 6,000, but did not credit it.

    I thought it was weird, because when I buy credit instantly.

    I have proof of purchase, if you need"

  • SuperPowerUS -

    i need to report multi accounts on the game im playing
    game id 3174154

  • Robert Ilenfeld -

    Need email for a formal complaint Pls. spent alot of Money this game and for a rule glitch Me to lose all is not right.

  • Robert Ilenfeld -

    I have a coalition Member who is , lets say very unhappy, and decided to leave coalition and send all troops to my Capital. As He he leaving the coalition i cannot stop His troops useing my airport and bring all troops untill 24 hours is up. They way the Coalition is set Up this allows anyone a Free invasion to do Harn to others.... is this part of the Game?......... Game 3133552

  • Robert Ilenfeld -

    Might i ask some advice Yak?

  • CHEMA555 -

    hello. this morning I bought 113,000 gold on the stock through PayPal for 13.99 EUR, the money was withdrawn and there is no gold, what to do, tell me please.

  • LEON -

    Hello. Before there was a disconnect twice, I lost military equipment and it’s unfair. I did Donat and a very good Donat. You can check the time of the battle. I didn’t have time to recall the plane. Bomber. You must warn in advance that there will be discounts I ask for compensation to be returned back It's not fair I made a lot of donations now I found I see in the game people constantly create a second account I take screenshots if there is an explanation they are from Here is special cial army aside other exciting when I come to see the army of His whole to the side that has captured screenshots, or other capture a country's army and died behind him is another well can be seen that this second account in general, I'm compensation.

  • Sternenschnuppe -

    Server Game 3.160.810
    Investment 700.000 Gold in this Game!!!
    Zombi Game 128 Players, on first place fighting against Zombies always. Game interupted, will loose units and territory.
    Hope Dorado send compensation for this.
    Not first Serverissues last weeks.
    My registration is not proved now, so i have no possibility make a request in the forum.
    I also dont want to make it per mail as i know its possible for you guys to do this and that i know by experience form other games the customer service mostly doesnt answer or just ignore the issues.
    So, i please you to forward my request as you did the post SERVER INSTABILITY
    Thank you in advance

  • Motthabita -

    ahora me sale Temporarily not available. Please try again later. para entrar a conflictnations

  • Motthabita -

    Del Sistema me hablan que he sido eliminado por inactividad en el 3132240, pero la verdad intento abrir y no puedo. todo el dia estoy conectado a la partida.

  • Dealer of Death -

    If you can't help, an "I can't help" would be nice

  • Dealer of Death -

    Yak, can you please look at my problem on the support forum. I've also sent 2 emails to support with no reply resolution.

  • arsdangelo -

    i need help please on game 3081892

    You have been blocked from this game.
    An administrator or the anti-cheat system has blocked your account for this game.

    They have blocked you; you cannot log into the game. Write to customer service if you have questions.

  • Robert Ilenfeld -

    sent email Yak

  • Mr. Higgy -

    hello im trying to renew my membership via credit card the phone number for a code is wrong i cant seem to change it and i cant get the code. i was hoping someone could help me with this.

  • John daoud -

    Hi sir,I sent a private message for you!

  • RogueScholar -

    Last night not sure what is going on. I bought gold, built planes, did some research. Log back in no planes, no research and gold is missing. Long time player, not a newbie. No attack logs, just my gold missing and planes. At the least i want my gold back please. I realize there is a huge influx of players but this is rediculous.

  • 69Latryque -


    I can't find the damage statistics for chemical and nuclear ballistic missiles, I can only see the statistics for missiles with conventional warheads. Do you know where I can find this information please? (I have looked in the recruitment and research information points, but the statistics are only displayed in conventional and not in chemical and nuclear)

    Best regards

  • DarthVorenus -

    Bullshit! I cannot enter the game because of the error in the game. And Game management did not stop time. My cities are under occupation! And no warnings were made. Return to the game time before the mistake.

  • m1k0srb21 -

    Hi, can you pls answer me on my PVT or give me here the link to report cheaters ? Tnx.

  • Gibnovski -

    I had an account a few months ago that I lost the login to. I opened another and ave been playing the last few weeks and bought gold to play. I went to buy more Gold today and it logged me into my old account...so I now have gold on two accounts which is not what I wanted. Now I can only log into my old account and I am part way through a game on the new account and it automatically logs me into the wrong account, so I can't get on with the game?

    It's been shite ever since I bought gold.

    Can I merge my two accounts (so I get my gold into the right account) Or move my gold from my old account (purchased today ) into my new account?


  • PerigeeNil -

    Hey, Yak. It sasys I got banned? What gives? I'm a Moderator... did I violate some rule?

  • BELIQ_ -

    привет . как проверить игру на мультиаккаунты ? номер игры 2,982,942 . мой ник BELIQ_

  • Robert Ilenfeld -

    is game 2.944,992 down for i get stuck at loading screen?

  • NONNO10 -

    Hi Yak how and where can I report an abuse and highly offensive communication ?
    thanks a lot

  • mars2.0 -

    so what do we do, just wait ?

  • Gyuri12 -

    Megtudnád nézni a játékot?

  • Gyuri12 -

    Hello.Mikor fogják megoldani a problémát?

  • Ghostcrew -

    hello i was playing good and today i am geting a stupid error from your web page and server how i speak better with support i dont know where i report problem of the game