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  • sNzzp4k1 -

    This problems has been happening since 2016 I think, my games keeps loading whenever I try joining my nations, it’s happening all the time.

  • Teburuiswack -

    My account username is Antman171819 . I was logged out and can’t sign in. When I do with my Apple ID, another account comes up. The Apple ID is chelsealousiehersey@gmail.com please help me. I was mid game! Was a great game too.

  • CaptTazrFace -

    Yes could someone please reply

  • CaptTazrFace -

    Yes i need some help...im currently in a game but for some reason i was completely logged out of the game and cant figure out how to log back in

  • Smallsword -

    Hello, I've bee waiting for my account registration to be approved for a few days now... Sorry if this isn't the proper channel to solve this issue but I noticed other posts asking to be accepted on your page and thought that maybe I should try.
    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  • BQUIDI -

    I am experiencing a bug with Special Forces units stuck on a permanent disembark mode. The glitch happened when I air assaulted from first traveling in the water. Now they are stuck on disembark and frozen in place.

  • ONE2PLAY -

    hello i would like to become part of support staff i speak english & croatian i am 38 years

  • oryxil2 -

    hy, I can't write in forum for recluting staff.
    I'm 50, I like this game, I'm Italian and speak english

  • Navy1Mike -

    I think I can help you out I am a navy vet, I have been waiting for about 3 years and I can speak 4 languages, I have been waiting and a huge fan of the game. I sent my application to support@doradogames.com

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?

  • KnightSight -

    Hi I really want to play conflict of nations with my brother I know u think I’m lying but I swear I didn’t cheat in supremacy 1914 either what kind of proof do you need ??????

    • ewac123 -

      You need to spend money on SC
      If your an honest guy not alter, DM Maxim on the con discord
      If your banned from there, your prob an alter

  • Adam90TVG -

    Hi, I would just like to know how to report someone who is unbelievably toxic every day in global chat. Please help his messages are beyond offensive.

  • tyrant king. -

    I spent $75 on gold in your game and in less than 24 hours you banned me after reporting an alliance for wolfpacking a game. I can't use my purchase so please refund it. I've emailed with no response.

    • Opulon -

      The system automatically disables account when someone attempts a chargeback on a already validated transaction. From what i can see, it's what leaded to your disable (not human action). I encourage you contact Yak on the official discord to settle this problem. Same for the wolfpacking. Globally, we handle those things through reports, not DMs.

    • tyrant king. -

      This isn't the discord? Serious question, im new to this stuff.

    • ewac123 -

      If you dispute the purchase the refund may have started already

  • geodadonn -

    Hey This is my First time using this website btw. But i’ve been having a Huge problem for the pass 3 days. When I Try to Load into a game of mine, it just loads then go to a Black Screen and nothing else happens. What’s The Problem. I have a lot of games going on right now. And i can’t get behind.


    Hi I have made a conversion with you regarding my issues please help me

  • RED RAKI -

    RED RAKI adlı hesabım neden banlandı Yak lütfen bir açıklama yap

  • med1116 -

    can you help? havent been able to get into my game all day game 4034352 user Me ValeVerga

  • Kenshi -

    Hey can you change my in name game from Malakaaa to Titan

  • bijzondere -

    hi after the latest update iam having problems with security council membership in game it says iam not a member but if i log out and back in it then says iam, then after a while in game it will say iam not a member again

  • spaksu -

    Please help
    A moment ago I can't login my account. it keeps sayin that "Invalid username or password." When I use forgot password it says :" A user with this email has not been found." But user "spaksu" 's mail address was: spaksu@gmail.com

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    I'm sorry, but I believe that was extremely unfair. I have also sent another email to support explaining this, just as suggested by the page when I tried to access the game today.

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    All I did was request a refund for the Security Council Membership since It would not work on the mobile app, and you banned me? Right after I bought some Gold, too...

  • LiTtLeWiZeR -

    Yak, this is WiZeGuY. Why have I been banned?

  • ghtt -

    Hello yak if you have time please dm me ;)

  • ghtt -

    Hello i would like to report a trouble maker a young bored person in the name of elastic wealth with his alts in the name of Central inteligence Agency please check up with him many people have accused and reported him and no act has been taken.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Regardly a con player

    • ewac123 -

      Hello! What have I done against you?? Please respond.

    • ghtt -

      First of all who are you?
      Second if you are «ElasticWealth» i kindly ask ou to stop infiltrating discord server and creating alts.

    • ewac123 -

      ????????????????????????????????????????????? WHAT IS YOUR INGAME/DISCORD NAME?

    • ewac123 -

      I kindly ask YOU, who is probably someone in the "Silver Knights", an alliance that uses bluecord to wreck the CoN official server. ^^

    • ewac123 -

      "many people have accused him" I am in 10 discord servers, and i was invited to all 10. (as diplomat for alliance or whatever).

  • Snhadeur -

    I was banned from CON WW3 for some reason I don't know yet, I didn't do anything wrong I don't cheat, don't double count. I would like to recover my account and play, I spent a lot of money in your game I don't want to be fooled for nothing! thank you

  • Mornning Star -


  • Darth vader 1 -


  • 737373elj -

    Was just thinking, if you expected delays for Season 6 you could have given a more modest ETA