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  • Azie -

    I've sent a message to you about a minor being assaulted and have yet to hear any solution.

  • chihou221 -

    ysk:do you tell me why my accounts are banned?I first play this game, I have two accounts, but play in different doom.whether everyone must obtain one account?can you tell me? sorry my English is not good, do not know whether explain clearly. a Chinese player.

  • AmericanJedi -

    Since the last update my map is a completely black screen. I have a lot of time and a few purchases of gold in this game. Can you either help me resolve the issue or issue a refund for the purchases I made on a map I can no longer play on

  • Hezbollah-313 -

    Moin zusammen,
    ist jemand vom Support hier bräuchte dringend hilfe mein problem ist nun schon seid 24 h und habe alles mögliche probiert nix hilft..

    • Jemandanderes -

      An deiner Stelle würde ich nicht auf eine Pinnwand was schreiben, sondern im Forum unter „Qustions“ Außerdem würde ich es auf Englisch schreiben.

  • Nikki_L -

    I have had 2 solo wins but my stats only show 1 how do I get this fixed.

  • larej -

    bonjour une faute de frappe c'est glisser dans mon adresse mail du coup je ne peut recuperer mes butins de guerre que je veux rectifier mon adresse j'ai pour reponse que cette adresse existe deja comment faire pour corriger merci

  • aman -

    Anyone who can help me recover my account... i forgot my password and the game is not sending me new one ... how can i fix it

  • Colonel Jed -

    Hello, I need someone to help ​me please. I set up this account by accident two days ago and made a $11.99 payment from my PayPal account. I don't know how this happened, but it did and all my gold is sitting on this account that I can't use. The account the gold was supposed to go to, is my account with a user name of "Colonel Jed" and my user ID number is #5647906 and my coalition is the "Steel and Wheels" Coalition. Will you please help me Sir because I don't know who else to contact for assistance.

    Thank-you very much!


  • CROWS 1 -

    arkadaşlar ben kural ihlali asla yapmadım.BU oyun haric her oyunda en az 1000 tl lik altın aldım.Bunu yapan insan ihlal yaparmı. KOALİSYONUMDA TÜRK BAYRAĞI VAR. ONDAN OLABİLİR Mİ :
    altın alanlar bir bakıyorsunuz altının bir kısmı gitmiş .BUNDAN 6 ay önce bu tür sıkıntılar yoktu ancak son zamanlarda kredi kart kopyamaları K.K habersiz cekimler oluyor dikkat ediniz

  • CROWS 1 -

    CROWS 1 hesabım neden yasaklandı acaba
    ne kural ihlali yaptım nede uygunsuz bir hareket
    sebebini bana acıklarmısınız

  • Cameron Hoskins -

    For the las 14 hours game 3588730 hasnt been working. Says error can't load game try again in a few minutes. Says servers are busy

  • Crash -

    I paid for 72,000 in gold for 34.99 and was charged 75.00 usd and received no gold. I would like a refund please

  • KingSuper -

    Hi, I haven't been able to create an Alliance game for over a week now. Can you help me?

  • Wutung -

    please Dav unit Air
    Taxas T6 and Yak152 For Att soldier
    A10 and Su25 For Att Tank
    YF-12 And Mig 31 For Anti boomber F16 and mig 29 no Interceptor boomber
    soldier For anti air
    Bastion-P For anit navy

  • 737373elj -

    You gonna write about the introduction of overkill soon ;) ?

  • E z 8 tiger212 -

    Hey idk if this is the official website that the actual devs or people who are involved with this game but there's a bug or a misprint on gold prices. I have screen shots of all them but the only true listing is the 1.99 usd. For example the "most" popular option is advertised as 18.99...but when you select checkout it charges you 19.99 plus tax instead of 18.99. Has anyone else had this issue? Or is this old news. Thanks for any help

  • Nusantara Raya -

    Yak, when will my account be reviewed for approval?
    I need to make some minor bug reports, thanks.

  • Nusantara Raya -

    Yak, when will my account be reviewed for approval?
    I need to make some minor bug reports, thanks.

  • SomDi -

    When are event maps coming ?

  • Migjen -

    Please make Albanian contry available to Play !!

  • Zetliner -

    I have problems with the payment pr mobile, 6 times it has gone, im charged, but error in the payment department.

    What can i do?

  • harjxn -

    um Mr yak i signed up maybe yesterday or 2 days ago with my email but i cant get my war spoils or use the chat and even when i try re sending nothing happens {please message back}

  • -US VETERAN- -

    Sr.Yak..I am Rogue State Leader .. and Sutterfield...i am applying to be a moderator... I believe C.O.N. needs a more fair moderator. I have been a player for two years.. i have been more than fair to every one i know in C.O.N.... I love C.O.N. even though ive been mis - judged and falsly accused constantly since i joined discord.. mostly unfair... i always promote C.O.N. and i overlook the bias that has been set upon me for two years...i am willing to be fair, do a great job, and always see things from every point of view ... i am not an anti-gold guy
    i would like to understand why other players slander C.O.N. and are highly respected by the mods and devs..., at least im an honest player... and i believe in promoting C.O.N. not tearing it apart over gold and alliance favoritism...
    i understand you will not likely accept me... but i tell you no lie's and i am brutaly honest... you decide

  • Georgian knight -

    Hello, how do you add a language? On what does the addition of language depend? Many Georgians play CoN and we would be happy if there was a Georgian language if it is possible in any way.

  • Kranzegrad -

    Do you can handle my Naval Mines Units suggestions?

    Link post>: forum.conflictnations.com/inde…t=Naval%2BMines#post41732

    It's dusty old suggestions, but it's given mostly good positive freed back Minesweepers units.

  • MexesAS -

    how can i report one cheater has more than 1 account ?
    there is one player with name "Covid2021" he's playing Turkey in the game and he has second account with name "T8790" i'm sure 100% he's cheating and he knows everything what i did because the second account is in my coalition he told me what happen in my coalition, please can someone tell me what should i do to report him?

  • Prometheus -

    how do i change my user name??

  • Melissa Munro -

    I had an account with the con game and I lost it. User name was melissamunro rank 8 and part of alliance united states malitary. I was getting a pop up during the game about invalid password. I logged off and then could not sign back into the account. I removed the app on facebook and then tried to sign using the facebook sign in tap. I did the user name melissamunro and did not know at the time the password was the same as the fb password. So I did a dumbing register name using facebook again just see how it was register. No password was asked and that when I found out it was the same password as the facebook account. So I used it and nothing. So I sign out of facebook and the password I had wrote down about three months was not working. So I had to do forgot password on the facebook site. And when I used the new password with the new accound of CON it work. But did not work on the old user name. I think when I removed the app on facebook it removed the user name but I could not reused it either. Is there anyway of getting my old user name because I was at rank 8, in an alliance and had over 9000 in gold? Maybe just credit the gold I did have I think it was 9500 and something. I brought gold when you had it 225% off. It was 1.99 for the gold I brought at that sale price.

  • amykor -

    Where should I write complaints if a player does not play fair ???

  • Destruker -

    Yak, how are you?

    I had a little problem a little while ago, I bought 5,000 gold + 20% = 6,000, on the credit card.

    However gold was not credited

    the message appeared, stating that I received the 6,000, but did not credit it.

    I thought it was weird, because when I buy credit instantly.

    I have proof of purchase, if you need"