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  • Edward E -

    I have been kicked from game since I had not logged in for an hour.
    this is new. Anyone else have this happen?

    • Yak -

      Hi @Edward E,
      Would you be so kind to give me with the gameID please?
      I found your username, I can see your playing a standard match. The game you were kicked from, was it a 4x game? Can you give me as much detail as possible?

  • RAY 03 -

    In my current game I currently have troops stuck in my city. What is the fix for this?
    Game 2488545 World War 3 64 player has the same issue with stuck troops. If this cant be fixed then I need to be compensated for the gold used on troops and the escalated process. Thanks.

    • Yak -

      Hi RAY 03,
      When reporting bugs please use the ingame bug report feature so that we can assist you as soon as possible. Has your issue been resolved?

  • FA01 -

    I am not recieving any new games except for 64 player maps. I need some help please.

  • Thanatos gr -

    username Thanatosgr

    userID​ i cant find it, where is it?

    Thank you

  • moss1079 -

    why when I try to go back into my game I get message "Could not activage Game 2418032 on server

  • Skynet64 -

    my email conformation is not working no war gifts and its not being blocked help please.

  • dirtdavies -

    hello..... I am the Med Alliance CO and would like some help setting up a Alliance Challenge Match between Med and Holy Hydra......

  • Majlosz12 -

    when are you going to enable map creation? I bought a membership but I can not create any map ..

  • zpatnaude33 -

    Hello it did fix but then just to do the same glitch again I was hoping you could work your magic again. This is the glitch I said about it not being able to create world redux as I am required rank

    • Yak -

      You have reached the limit then, finish what you have in the meantime :) By the time you finish your already-created games you should be able to do it again.
      This was put in place to prevent players from spamming empty games, as result hurting the game experience and server load

  • hallan -

    Was enjoying the game... learning the mechanics, working within coalitions, etc., etc. Tried a new one, 64 players, without joining a coalition. It is Day 6. A hotly contested city of mine has just been nuked... on Day 6. I'm not upset over my internet pixels glowing in the dark... I'm concerned about poor play balance. Gold disproportionately tips the scales in CoN.

    How do the Devs, and other players, address this imbalance?


    when you ask me a question why can it allow me to hit reply and it goes to you... Is this going on the wall for everyone to see?

    • Yak -

      Yes anyone viewing my wall can see this message. Your games should be back up and running


    where and how do i even reply to you. this is sooooo confusing.

  • tom123davis -

    Are tanks not able to use airports anymore?

    game: 2249488

    • Yak -

      you will need to research it for them

    • tom123davis -

      I see that now. So day 23/24 best case before you can use airlift? Thats quite a big nerf. why the change?

    • tom123davis -

      and thanks for the response :)

    • Yak -

      It's been discussed in our changelog forums, the general idea is to stop players from sending units en-masse in the early portions of the game.

  • WizardOne -

    I am in game 2220429 and I can not attack any targets or aquire any teritory.

  • quentinlk -

    Hello Yak,

    I have a small problem with the game I can not receive my war gift because I do not receive the email to validate my account.
    Obviously I checked in my spam and other ... I even tried with another email address. Can you do something ?

  • Appyth -

    Do you Take suggestions?

  • diegosdo93 -

    i just made the payment for gold like 10 min ago still havent recive anythign yet so wonder how long it will take as it is first time buying something with you guys but in any other game i pay i recive everything as soon as y pay

  • Potato_Guy -

    Hi, I was told by another user that my ingame username "OhNoItsRetarded" is innappropriate. I am sorry for any rules I broke, could you please change it to "Potato_Guy", the same as it is on here? Thanks.

  • stephan87 -

    Help me please,

    My account has been banned, i can't join by facebook, days before i was kicked from a game because some player told me that i have multi account, but i'm playing with my brother at the same house. We spend a lot of money and now i can't enter by facebook to my account. I read my email and i have not recive any mail of this situation,

    My account name is camarada_Staliin , mail hauptmann_stephan@hotmail.com

    please help me to resolve this situation.

  • JBM -

    I have the same issue with the disappearance of troops. I play two maps and in both my planes have disappeared (10 or 11 on one map, 5 or 6 on the other).

    Map: 2.179.000 and 2.170.265

  • onlytrying1 -

    Hello Yak,i received a message from you today saying "I understand why you are frustrated. You have rightfully so encountered a bug.
    I am giving you a strike fighter back in the 1st unit & 20,000 gold as a form of compensation." i have received neither and lost another 3 Tornado's....i am not happy at all

  • Pakito1985 -

    I'm dont know why, but I cant writing on forum. Please, tell me when I will take back mt planes? Missing 7 of them... There was 3 airstrike lvl 6 located in Ankara, and 4 of them located in Qa'im.
    User ID: Pakito1985
    Game ID: 2157338

    • Yak -

      Hi Pakito,

      Did you post an ingame bug report?

    • Pakito1985 -

      Yes, I'm. A few times. But, now I see that in my capital appeared 5 strikes and three hunters ... I suppose it's a compartment for missing airplanes. Thank you!

    • Yak -

      Yes, you are very welcome.

  • Milos -


    I don't have any other option than writing here. For some reason I'm not able to reply to any messages at forum.
    I sent several reports to report bug about missing of 2 of my fighter and 2 of my heavy bombers. I just got this copy paste reply 24 hours ago and since than nothing. I sent them from Villach to attack local resistance in Bucharest and they just disappeared after game was uploaded. There is no any log that theye were involved in the fight after that or that they were lost. Please help if you can as no one is responding to report bug messages.
    User id : Milos Stupar13 game id :2171845


    • Yak -

      I was in fact tending to your report this very second Milos,

      Thank you for your invaluable patience, your units are back in villach.

  • wirgoaquador1 -

    How do you use the right click feature to find missing units
    When i right click on the map nothing happens

  • Tibus I -

    Hi Yak, Can someone pls do something about this point VP limit only being 1750 to win...why can we have no limit. We spend $ on game and within a few days the game ends and it screws everyone....it becomes boring and people end up not playing...most of the time you cant even finish researching tech let aloan using them ...this really needs to be changed.

  • SergeyPakhomov -

    help i still cannot join my game it says "Error: Server Error

    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
    Please try again in 30 seconds." but refreshing doesnt help

  • Athena. -

    Please drive the servers up quickly again.

  • Tibus I -

    It keeps saying error 504 and sometimes it loads old games of mine that have already been moved to archive.

  • moby1kanob -

    I used Two SCUD missiles on game 2168641 and used gold to buy them both thinking the first one was a mistake...zero damage to a group of tanks and infantry stacked in Moscow...did I do it wrong and just waste my gold or glitch? I targeted them correctly, even made sure a jet was patrolling so it constantly had a clear sight of where they were...would like that 5-6K gold back...any suggestions? PS the cruise missiles worked great...SCUD x2 both did zero damage...lot of wasted gold.

    UPDATE: tried a THIRD, and zero damage...SCUD missiles are not working. 7K in wasted gold...

  • el piwa -

    Hi Yak, it is said that I have been blocked my an admin or anti-cheat system from my game? That's unfortunated, I just started trying your game 2 weeks ago and was really enjoying so far.. something can be done to unblock the situation ? Thanks in advance. El Piwa.

    • Yak -

      The account El Piwa is not disabled/blocked. I will need your ingame username to help you.

    • el piwa -

      Hi Yak,

      my ingame username is "el piwa" (I receive the error on every games I was on)

      Thanks for the help!

    • el piwa -

      Hi Yak,

      Any news ?

    • Yak -

      The account registered under El piwa isn't blocked by our system

    • el piwa -

      But I can't access anymore to my game, the id is : 2158619 ???