Huthayfah.k Sergeant

  • from Al-Bireh,Palestine
  • Member since Jan 22nd 2018
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  • Generaal Oorlog -

    Your avatar is offensive, makes me think of Hamas.

    • Huthayfah.k -

      It is actually the flag of IZZADINALQASSAM who are praised in my nation as heroes maybe not in the worlds eyes but in ours it is (unless your fateh).

    • _dany20_ -

      Hammas are known as a bunch of filthy hypocrites in the arab world

      I'm disappointed people like you still praise them as "heroes" while they're clearly benefiting from the Israeli occupation...

  • Daloganator -

    So are you coming back then? Send me a message and I will add you back in.

  • Daloganator -

    Hey man. How you doing? How come you have left the alliance chat?

    • Huthayfah.k -

      Some kids in my town of Al-Bireh had threw rocks at a settler badly injuring him so the IDF shut down our power intead of leaving my account open i decided to delete but i made another account named Pres.Huthayfah K.

  • Huthayfah.k -

    Welcome to my wall

  • Huthayfah.k -

    Hello Everyone