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  • RadioActive -

    can u join my stream club

  • Smallsword -

    I really liked those two responses you gave on this page...great summary of "Vision" from both sides, defense/offense.

  • Legija -

    Hi guys..somehow i cant find how to wright question...
    Situation is next:
    Enemy send air superiority fighter to patrol over my land troops...next i have send my air superiority fighter to attack his plane...both planes have same lvl and same hp...so i dont understand why my plane losing that fight...

    • Kalrakh -

      1 ASF vs 1 ASF fight is like playing russian roulette.

      If one side has a lucky first round it is nearly impossible to catch up, you can only break off the fight and try to get your ASF to heal.

      That is why building more ASF is one of the first things I do on most maps.

      Attack and Defense values only represent the average damage a unit can deal, so there is always a chance of having a lucky or unlucky damage role.

    • Legija -

      Ok...i understand that...thanks..
      I have read somewhere that plane in patrol have weaker attack then planes in attack modus, because of that i have wonder why i losing that fight

    • Legija -

      I have join round at day 3 and i have only one ASF in moment i joined

    • Kalrakh -

      No, there is no difference is fight power. Patrol just means you can attack several targets at once, so more like multiplying fight power.

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  • jemandanderes -

    what does "nekrod" mean? (You said it here: forum.conflictnations.com/inde…ased-twitter-ad/&pageNo=3 )

  • rspen446 -

    Hello, curious as to your answer about rating ASF as your #1 unit to have, you said best in the game. How do you use them,I've played a long time now, but have only once developed my Fighters, and only that one time have I have built more than 1. I prefer Strike Fighters and Air defense backed by Artillery. But would like more knowledge about Fighters and how best to use them. thank you.

    • Kalrakh -

      ASF are pretty much the first unit I always research. They are great for scouting before you have decent radar to take of this job and the can clear the sky from any striker or chopper with ease. You can also use them to kill small troops of infantry if somebody tries to zerg you, even more if you pair them with an fixed wing ace. :)

  • 737373elj -

    Say, could you explain in more detail to this poor fellow how best to use helicopters? It is an art I have not yet mastered.

    • Kalrakh -

      The question is: How do you play with them?

    • 737373elj -

      Just like Strike Fighters... just send them at an opponent and kill.

    • Kalrakh -

      Rule No. 1: Never show your main combat force for free
      I never send my attack force on hostile territory, not choppers, not SF, not artillery.
      It makes it much easier for him to kill them, if he gets to see them.

      Rule No. 2: Use mixed stacks
      Having more than one type of unit in a stack, makes it much more likely to not lose units.

      Rule No. 3: Use patrol
      Patrol is the best friend for every aircraft, and helps you to prevent revealing your forces.

    • 737373elj -

      Thanks for all the tips! I appreciate your answers :)

    • Kalrakh -

      You are welcome. :)

  • 737373elj -

    Are AWACS that important in naval combat? I hardly ever use them...

    • Kalrakh -

      You can watch the stream from out last challenge as an example:

      We consider vision as key in warfare, it gives you huge advantage about the movement of enemy troops, making it easier to intercept.

    • jemandanderes -

      Oh, you are streaming CoN? Can you give the link to your channel? The video you sent unfortunatley is no longer available.

    • Kalrakh -

      Have streamed quite a while ago, haven't streamed since then ^^

  • MartijnTNL -

    hey nice wolf avatar my friend

  • summeriscoming -