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  • roooby -

    Hi, just an elite-swarm question. So I've just deployed my first Swarm from a Radar unit. It only seems to circle directly above the unit that launched it. Did I miss something? I thought you could point where it should patrol (the 'set perimiters')?

    • playbabe -

      it will check for enemy in the cycle every 10min
      start after deployed, and no there can’t change its behavior

  • Alex Bras -

    I'm new to CoN, I have a question, how can I transport air units (fighters and combat helicopters) from one continent (South Africa) to another continent (Brazil)?

    • playbabe -

      build airbase close to each other.
      or upgrade the aircraft to next generation will also increase ferry range

    • Alex Bras -

      "Building nearby air bases", this is the problem, there are no provinces between these two continents (South Africa and Brazil).
      And the distance is too great for the Fighter units.
      I have F-15 Strake Eagle, my doubt, can it be transported on ferries?

    • playbabe -

      there should be island around that
      otherwise upgrade the aircraft

    • Alex Bras -

      Sorry, for not having understood your orientation, there is an island (province) not detected before, I will conquer it and make an aerial base, I will continue following you on the forum, thank you very much.

    • Kalrakh -

      To crossover between continents from South America to Africa, Mali tends to be the best spot for building a bridge position.

  • Geizkragen -

    Somehow I can‘t get into my rounds anymore

  • 737373elj -

    Why is this name change

  • Tifo_14 -

    It seems as though my carriers are being attacked by a stack of double AA

  • 737373elj -

    Morale 80 no Local Industry Electronics: 133
    Morale 80 no Local Industry Components: 160
    Morale 78 no Local Industry Fuel: 183

    • playbabe -

      What gamemode? For ww3 and Apocalypse is already in the calculator.

    • 737373elj -


    • 737373elj -

      I'll look at Flashpoint then

    • 737373elj -

      Morale 91 no Local Industry Fuel: 205
      Morale 96 no Local Industry Supplies: 213
      Morale 95 no Local Industry Supplies: 212
      Morale 95 no Local Industry Electronics: 151
      Morale 100 no Local Industry Rare Materials: 84

      There's a very odd one:
      Morale 95 no Local Industry Fuel: 141

      All flashpoint

    • playbabe -

      It seem like that only the Rare Mat is different in Flashpoint.
      Or maybe both fuel and rare mat you take from is bug out
      I just join one will confirm later.

  • kurtvonstein -

    you wanne play team europe?

  • Yak -

    Hello there

  • 737373elj -

    You can see transport lanes

  • 737373elj -

    ""I haven’t seen cruisers in a while now, along with towed artillery."

    God I wish I never encountered the '10 cruiser and navy officer' stack.. 5 of us have to dump every ship and aircraft to sink this stack. God that was a horror"

    Thanks for giving me a good idea what to pair my 6 Cruiser + 3 AIP subs with :D

  • 575-Kranzegrad -

    I delete Typhoon and Thunderstorm suggestion out, ok?