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  • Hakville -

    G'morning Play, I've seen a gdoc with stats of cities by country (like rss) but I couldn't find it last night. Do you know where I can find a link?

    I did come across a calculator, but I think I'm looking for a different one.

  • charles96 -

    please forgive if not the correct area to ask this but how does someone report a TOS violation? in game 7007348 the country of Brazil (Grav17) has some racist / vulgar names on their aircraft carriers. is there anything the game admins can or will do about this. if this racist speech is allowed to continue then many will stop playing

  • deudji -

    excusez moi j ai perdu mon profil que dois je faire ?

  • The Destroyer 4 -

    Not to be rude but:

    I see you locking every thread that goes slightly off-topic.

  • KFGauss -

    In that thread you locked . . .

    I don't know you if you noticed that I wrote that, I hope a moderator deletes all the nonsense posts and replies (including mine) after your 1st answer to the question I asked.

    If you can do it, please just delete all that useless stuff.

  • kurtvonstein -

    hi how was this officer exploitpossible?

    • playbabe -

      when homeland is liberated, the unit being mobilization is not canceled.

    • kurtvonstein -

      so you build officer, your citGets taken. you atart next officerand so on? cause you can start building when one is alreadybuild or under construction

    • playbabe -

      yee something along that line

    • kurtvonstein -

      which means you need lot of external help to get it done and high class officers such as tank or airforce are complicated due to build restrictions. and you himeland capacity suffers. nonetheless I love the stats. please feel free to post you make into my workshop.

    • playbabe -

      yeah it’s not practical at all (you can make lv1 then upgrade) but it’s good for images and make people go wtf

  • roooby -

    Hi, just an elite-swarm question. So I've just deployed my first Swarm from a Radar unit. It only seems to circle directly above the unit that launched it. Did I miss something? I thought you could point where it should patrol (the 'set perimiters')?

    • playbabe -

      it will check for enemy in the cycle every 10min
      start after deployed, and no there can’t change its behavior

  • Alex Bras -

    I'm new to CoN, I have a question, how can I transport air units (fighters and combat helicopters) from one continent (South Africa) to another continent (Brazil)?

    • playbabe -

      build airbase close to each other.
      or upgrade the aircraft to next generation will also increase ferry range

    • Alex Bras -

      "Building nearby air bases", this is the problem, there are no provinces between these two continents (South Africa and Brazil).
      And the distance is too great for the Fighter units.
      I have F-15 Strake Eagle, my doubt, can it be transported on ferries?

    • playbabe -

      there should be island around that
      otherwise upgrade the aircraft

    • Alex Bras -

      Sorry, for not having understood your orientation, there is an island (province) not detected before, I will conquer it and make an aerial base, I will continue following you on the forum, thank you very much.

    • Kalrakh -

      To crossover between continents from South America to Africa, Mali tends to be the best spot for building a bridge position.

  • Geizkragen -

    Somehow I can‘t get into my rounds anymore

  • 737373elj -

    Why is this name change

  • Tifo_14 -

    It seems as though my carriers are being attacked by a stack of double AA

  • 737373elj -

    Morale 80 no Local Industry Electronics: 133
    Morale 80 no Local Industry Components: 160
    Morale 78 no Local Industry Fuel: 183

    • playbabe -

      What gamemode? For ww3 and Apocalypse is already in the calculator.

    • 737373elj -


    • 737373elj -

      I'll look at Flashpoint then

    • 737373elj -

      Morale 91 no Local Industry Fuel: 205
      Morale 96 no Local Industry Supplies: 213
      Morale 95 no Local Industry Supplies: 212
      Morale 95 no Local Industry Electronics: 151
      Morale 100 no Local Industry Rare Materials: 84

      There's a very odd one:
      Morale 95 no Local Industry Fuel: 141

      All flashpoint

    • playbabe -

      It seem like that only the Rare Mat is different in Flashpoint.
      Or maybe both fuel and rare mat you take from is bug out
      I just join one will confirm later.

  • kurtvonstein -

    you wanne play team europe?

  • Yak -

    Hello there

  • 737373elj -

    You can see transport lanes

  • 737373elj -

    ""I haven’t seen cruisers in a while now, along with towed artillery."

    God I wish I never encountered the '10 cruiser and navy officer' stack.. 5 of us have to dump every ship and aircraft to sink this stack. God that was a horror"

    Thanks for giving me a good idea what to pair my 6 Cruiser + 3 AIP subs with :D

  • GunlessLands -

    I delete Typhoon and Thunderstorm suggestion out, ok?