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  • dudaev24 -

    guys, how do I create a theme to make a suggestion for improvement, developers?

  • ww3Basadi -

    in the same coalition can an ally get on other ally aircraft carrier

  • Generalen0112 -

    Hello. Im new and dont know where to write.
    I have a problem, in my game nr 4,097,008 my unit is stuck. I cant move it at all. The units name is 1st Anti-air division and it is placed in tver in russia.
    It seems that the unit think its out in the water but there in no port at the river. Its in important unit in the game and im on my way to win so i really need that unit.
    Can you help me out?

  • Iron Rooster -

    Iron Rooster was here

  • Valkiradee -

    This morning, most of all things worked.
    I'm Banovan this afternoon!
    It is not my fault that Serbia uses Dynamic IP, Telecom Serbia also owns Bosnian Telecom, so all monopolist resources are Dynamic IP Protocol 4.
    Is there a way to fix this to get my order back?

  • QIrishScottish -

    Hello. The Fab 5 Alliance is ready to play if we can get in your game. It sounds awesome. No Gold and straight up the best Alliance Wins. Cheers.

  • Quintrixxx -

    Hi Developers! First of all thank you for the great game – I love it! I have no idea what happened overnight but GAME 2189488 is broken. I lost all researches, game does not recognize any building levels and I cannot mobilize any army units etc… I play for Japan my in game name is Quintrixxx. I would very appreciate if you could fix it. We are in the day 37, I am leader of coalition and we have active wars. Also, can you please accept me in the forum as I cannot create any topics… Thank you in advance.

    • Quintrixxx -

      ​Hi, just would like to say thank you to the developers for reversing game back!

  • manuelrapa -

    Hello ! My acc was deleted by mistake and cant log in. I writed to support, and they told me they fixed the acc and took it back but I still cant log in the account.. Acc username - Manuel Mutafyan. Can u do something ? Greets from Bulgaria.

  • Help Me -

    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out with my account because for some reason it says I'm suspected of multi accounting. I play at school with a couple friends, and maybe thats the reason, but can you please make it so that we don't get banned? I wanna keep playing my games.

    Since I couldn't even read the forums, I made this new account to message a admin. My main account's profile name is Super Duck.

  • Algarfer -

    Hola, estoy pensando que es muy necesaria una modificación en la Cola De Construcción, algo que permita agilizar la forma de ordenar los recursos, cuando llevas una partida ya de varios días, sueles tener ya una cola bastante extensa, si quieres crear unidades nuevas o adelantar posiciones de edificios, que se hayan quedado muy atrás y ahora necesites que se adelanten, es una labor muy tediosa el tener que ir puesto por puesto y bajando desde la primera posición hasta donde se encuentre el objetivo en cuestión. Pienso que es necesario, el poder seleccionar el objetivo que nos interese y marcarle directamente a la posición que lo queremos llevar, eso agilizaría notablemente el proceso, eso o cualquier otra fórmula que mejore la existente, que como digo, es bastante lenta y laboriosa. Espero que esta recomendación se tome muy en cuenta y se actúe en consecuencia rápidamente, no tiene que ser tan difícil el poder modificar el sistema de ordenación de la Cola de Construcción. Muchas gracias y reciban un cordial saludo de Algarfer.

  • ImpOfNations -

    Why can't I write anything down in suggestions etc.

  • Stalker779000 -

    Id licke to start developing Ukrainian tech tree

    • Oceanhawk -

      These are usually just fan made, and dont really go anywhere Im afraid
      But by all means make a threat in the off topic section and attempt to start
      Although you will not get far

  • chrisconnin84 -

    y cant i comment uin the forum? you ban me brcause you have soft feelings? lol

  • -ULUBEY- -

    I am sorry to bother you but i can get my account back

  • ThoR.17 -

    Good evening, sorry to bother you for this stupid thing. Yesterday I wanted to delete my account but today I changed my mind and I would like to know if is possible to stop the deleting. User name: ThoR.17

  • -ULUBEY- -

    I am unable to log in to the game from the user.

    Mail = [email protected]

  • -ULUBEY- -


  • Admiral Gojira -

    Sir Oceanhawk Dwayne Cathey here I would like to Request that my in game name Be changed to Admiral Gojira.

    • Oceanhawk -

      Hi, I will message *Dwayne Cathey* Using the site Private messaging system shortly, pls check your inbox. And I sort it out :D

  • Leon.Ferrero -

    Please help the game no load have error for bad configuration for you game please... help!

    • Oceanhawk -

      Devs are working on the issues at the moment. Hopefully will be sorted out shortly.

    • Leon.Ferrero -

      Yes please report the big problem no load party ... and you can please check for work in Forum please?

  • Spetsnaz890 -

    What is happening, why this game is not loading, what is going on ???? please keep people updated!!!!

    • Oceanhawk -

      Devs are working on the issues at the moment. Hopefully will be sorted out shortly.

  • Samuel PM -

    I agree to the rules of your Roleplay

  • chaudharyji -

    how to increase production in city we annex


    my oil production rate got -ve.can you help me to solve this problem

    • Oceanhawk -

      capture more oil provences, destroy undeed oil using facilites.. best bet is to upgrade the currently arms industries in the oil producing cities

  • abderbaby10 -

    Hello my dear Good Day,
    How are you today? I hope you are doing fine over there in your country
    please contact me with email id so that i can tell you
    everything about myself and i have very important matter to discuss with you,
    ([email protected]) thanks,

  • Pablo22510 -

    Found this. What a masterpiece:


  • FMD -

    hi .. i was going to reply to you in a topic... but I think it got locked, not sure why, before I got a chance.

    I took a gif of the s1914 trade box allowing money trade, and I can state from my experience that money trade has always been possible in s1914.

    • Oceanhawk -

      Yea I remember now. It has been possible in CoW too. But Im yet to get a proper answer as to why it isnt available here. And it seems to be rather touchy topic if the thread has been locked?

      Never played S1914, But they have fish? hmm?

  • Samuel PM -

    Where is the Brazilian Technological Tree that you are working on? I did not find it in the Forum.

  • Sir McSquiggles -

    Welcome! *steals helicopter*

    • Oceanhawk -

      Thks for the welcome,

      *takes bag, cat taser. cat treats and the car keys*