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  • abderbaby10 -

    Hello my dear Good Day,
    How are you today? I hope you are doing fine over there in your country
    please contact me with email id so that i can tell you
    everything about myself and i have very important matter to discuss with you,
    ( thanks,

  • Aeblemost -

    *steals fluffball Mc Fluff Fluff cat*

    • Defous -

      How dare you! ;___;

      It' my preciousss!!!

    • Aeblemost -

      Now it's mine.
      I'll take good care of Fluffball Mc Fluff Fluff

    • Defous -

      No! It's UNACCEPTABLE! Mr Fluffy AKA Fluffball is mine and only mine!

      I can give you for cakes :3

    • Aeblemost -

      I'll accept chocolate lava cake

    • Defous -


      I give you that sweet chocolate cake but you give me my Mr Fluffissimo AND one like, okay?