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, Reading thread UAV not stealthy when they should?

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  • robertg330 -

    Hi, I checked the code of conduct and do not appreciate the harassment and threats I have received about using gold through in game messages by a user in game 2590277. Can something be done about this please?

    Thanks... Robert

  • AndyT74 -

    I read the code of conduct and saw the part about being harassed for using gold. This was done against me on Game #2569580 in an article on the news feed on Day 10. Could you please look into this?

  • ltningmage -

    Game 2580032 - joeybagadelli (ireland) is cheating. Just destroyed 2 infantry with 1 hit from a superiority fighter, then finished off 2 more infantry and a recon vehicle with 2 more hits. How to report a cheater???

  • Thunder -

    How can I change my in game name?

  • Garrett -

    Hi jrbot10. Sorry for the late reply. You can report a bug from the in-game screen at the bottom-right corner (image of an actual bug).

  • jrbot10 -

    hi, cant seem to find proper way to contact support, i missing ton of troops in a new game,no reports but i click info and shows i still have them, need help pls

  • joe who -

    hi, I send you can I been removed because I did not log in my account acc is open and active 70 % of a day...very strange rules..if I dont have a time 1h, system just remove account.