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  • ATLBuford22 -

    Hi , I’m currently in game #6794946 - player profile name playing as India ( Gay4greens ) is using racial slurs and nicknames in chat towards me.

  • BE3ZYy -

    Hello I had a issue with my game nothing was working properly, I was told to delete the app and redownload it. But I realized after I never made a account for my self. I was playing as user37176096 is there anyway possible you can link that account to my account I just made BE3ZYy. I was 7 days in had a lot going on. Thank you

  • AONN -

    Hi, I accidentally deleted my account, can you reactivate it for me? Nickname Aonn

  • Wilko1 -

    Hi Garrett could you help me please i have been banned but have no idea why, my in game name is Wilko1

  • Barney Cornett -

    How Does one report suspected Cheating?

    How Does one report someone cheating? I'm playing a game where it seems as if the same player is playing 2 Nations... I thought that was against the rules?

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?

  • bobqz -

    This has probably been asked before but….maybe in the future Dorado might see about offering a satellite system. Something kind of cheap that you could research realistically in game currency with a very limited coverage …..just very basic but something that could be upgraded to advanced if you would use gold to build it up. It’s hard to explain but the basic in game satellite would be very limited in the area and information it would reveal but could be upgraded. It’s just an idea that I have been thinking about. Thanks for taking the time to read this message.

  • solo-baha -

    hey , where i can report a player for cheating?

  • Iron Rooster -

    Hello. Can you please approve my account so I can post?

  • Zargfoal -

    Hi there Garrett. I wanted to ask how I can correct a problem. I paid for research on a pricey Nimrod heavy bomber and it was never credited to me. Needless to say, if this isn't corrected, there wouldn't be much point in spending further, am I right?

  • Nikki_L -

    I have had 2 solo wins but my stats only show one how can i get this corrected

  • Arrowhead92 -

    Hi, I need help in reporting a very toxic player in game# 3607556. He is playing as Portugal and he has Threatened to bully me, He has drop the F bomb on me and Claims he has my ip address. I have ss. I request this player be removed from the game and have his ip address banned. I told him once to stop messing me or I was going to report him.
    Thank you,

  • Crash -

    Help, I went to buy 72,000 in gold for 34.99 and received no gold and also was notified I was charged 75.00 can you help? Would just like a refund for that please

  • LMT101168 -

    Help! I have submitted a request to delete my game account yesterday; but on second thought, decided to give the game another chance and continue with the game. Please stop the deletion.
    Also, unable to create Alliance through mobile phone. p. s. I am a member of the Security Council. Thanks.

  • 737373elj -

    Writing the post for the general update?

  • FACE0FF -

    The words shit show come to mind

  • FACE0FF -

    Delete me from forum, because got no help deleted game worse moderators I have ever seen!!!!

  • Charly McFly -

    Hello. I am insulted by Brazil and italy on party #3516145. This is unacceptable. Please do something. Thank’s

  • NONNO10 -

    Hello guys, does anyone know what to do to report insults received in CoN game chat?

  • wiggz -

    is their a form or a specific page in order to report multi account users, who are wolf packing with their accounts and other members of their coalition? game #3159911

  • qtip -

    hay i just started playing and decided to try and pay for a subction and it will not take my master card i checked my funds on the card and i have money in it i want to know why it wont let me pay for one and i need support or help from someone who would know whats going

  • Nikolatino -

    Hello, how is it going???
    I have several times a problem with your server guys and mostly when it comes back I am loosing troops and cities.
    Where can I call or whit whom can I talk about that issue??

  • CHEMA555 -

    hello. this morning I bought 113,000 gold on the stock through PayPal for 13.99 EUR, the money was withdrawn and there is no gold, what to do, tell me please.

  • Gibnovski -

    Hey Garrett. I have jets that are 14/15 HP Air Superiority) and they are only delivering 0.47 attack points each? My other is delivering 6 ? Any ideas?

    Also, I had an account that is not being used as I changed laptop. Unfortunately I logged in by mistake and bought a bunch of Gold. Can I transfer it from that account to this one?


  • Namenothoughtof -

    How does one investigate corruption? I'm an intelligent person, and I don't take it lightly. I have spent money supporting this game, but mostly enjoy just playing. There is a person from Russia playing as Uzbekistan in my current game. Look at his profile. Games played/ratios etc. He said his account was deleted so he tried to come back. His coalition follows him blindly. Why was he deleted? And, moreover, why is he playing? I'm not mad of losing a game, but I'm not going to spend time and occasional money against people like this.

  • prisoner6 -

    Hi. How can I report a Code of Conduct violation?


    Hi! I think I found a cheater. Game 2938936 - Croatia - Bilboe.
    We are at day 9 and after I attacked him I found that he has
    Tanks 3
    Tank destroyers 2
    Armored fighting vehicles 5
    Mechanized infantry 3
    Recon 6
    Infantry 7
    SAM 2
    and 1 more armored vehicle that I didn't see, yet.
    How can this be possible?

  • AndyT74 -

    I was sent messages about using money to play the game. This is Game #2923825, sent on Day 17 of the game by Lukemin22. Could you look into this please?

  • Mr.Obuffo -

    Ciao scusa volevo fare una le unità acquisite in una partita, nel momento in cui se nè inizia un'altra, vanno perse?

  • Hullumeelne -

    User samschode is using some kind of hacks, because my tropps are destroid/vanished before he attacked me.
    Just like second and vanished and hi think that he has like to much resourses, like he build more than hes resourses manage.. .
    game id 2594619

    • Garrett -

      In order for me to investigate the issue, details and specific information such as screenshots, unit identifiers and a step-by-step explanation of the events in question are required.