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  • Namenothoughtof -

    How does one investigate corruption? I'm an intelligent person, and I don't take it lightly. I have spent money supporting this game, but mostly enjoy just playing. There is a person from Russia playing as Uzbekistan in my current game. Look at his profile. Games played/ratios etc. He said his account was deleted so he tried to come back. His coalition follows him blindly. Why was he deleted? And, moreover, why is he playing? I'm not mad of losing a game, but I'm not going to spend time and occasional money against people like this.

  • prisoner6 -

    Hi. How can I report a Code of Conduct violation?


    Hi! I think I found a cheater. Game 2938936 - Croatia - Bilboe.
    We are at day 9 and after I attacked him I found that he has
    Tanks 3
    Tank destroyers 2
    Armored fighting vehicles 5
    Mechanized infantry 3
    Recon 6
    Infantry 7
    SAM 2
    and 1 more armored vehicle that I didn't see, yet.
    How can this be possible?

  • AndyT74 -

    I was sent messages about using money to play the game. This is Game #2923825, sent on Day 17 of the game by Lukemin22. Could you look into this please?

  • Mr.Obuffo -

    Ciao scusa volevo fare una le unità acquisite in una partita, nel momento in cui se nè inizia un'altra, vanno perse?

  • Hullumeelne -

    User samschode is using some kind of hacks, because my tropps are destroid/vanished before he attacked me.
    Just like second and vanished and hi think that he has like to much resourses, like he build more than hes resourses manage.. .
    game id 2594619

    • Garrett -

      In order for me to investigate the issue, details and specific information such as screenshots, unit identifiers and a step-by-step explanation of the events in question are required.

  • robertg330 -

    Hi, I checked the code of conduct and do not appreciate the harassment and threats I have received about using gold through in game messages by a user in game 2590277. Can something be done about this please?

    Thanks... Robert

  • AndyT74 -

    I read the code of conduct and saw the part about being harassed for using gold. This was done against me on Game #2569580 in an article on the news feed on Day 10. Could you please look into this?

  • Garrett -

    Hi jrbot10. Sorry for the late reply. You can report a bug from the in-game screen at the bottom-right corner (image of an actual bug).

  • jrbot10 -

    hi, cant seem to find proper way to contact support, i missing ton of troops in a new game,no reports but i click info and shows i still have them, need help pls