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  • Bimpey -

    my units are unable to move out of a city. could you please refresh the server. the game is #3744562

  • LoneStarRugger -

    I recently built the aircraft carrier and stationed 5 naval air superiority fighter on it. Now when I try to ferry those fighters to an air base nothing happens, they remain on the carrier. Why is this happening? I want to station my helicopters on the carrier, but can’t because it’s at max capacity. Also why is max capacity only 5?? Irl a carrier has something like 100 aircrafts on it

  • Tawrad -

    Every game I join after few second a message pop up saying:session expired

  • noidper -

    Can you help me with a problem? I bought some gold, but I didn´t received gold in my account. I have a charge in my bank account, but I don´t have gold. Please verify transaction. I verified my bank account and I can see tha charge.

  • geetansh2 -

    i was falsely kicked out of my game 3286137 i am geetansh2 and i was Italy in that game me and my friend were playing together and would sometimes play on the same laptop but once we got our first strike we has stopped doing that as we learned it was not allowed but the next time i logged in i was kicked out of the game i would really appreciate if u can look in to this it would mean a lot it would mean so much if u can do this as fast as possible

  • colinlevinge -

    cd use a private word asap via email, having really serious problems with another player, hacking abuse really vile stuff, i need help tonight, i put a complaint and screenshots in today to support but its still going on, hoping you respond privately