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  • Edward E -

    I have played game on 2501340. I cannot log in. msg says error. I sent help request. got resonses asking for more information - I have provided the requested information, but have not recieved another msg for several days. Is this a regular problem with the game? Does anyone know how to enter the game when ths happens? Any advice or help would be welcome.

  • Yak -

    Hi Edward,
    I've replied to you on my wall

  • Edward E -

    I logged of last night as usual. When I tried to log in this morning I got a msg saying since I had not logged in for 1 hour I no longer had access. Have sent msg asking for help.

    got auto response this am saying support member would address problem, but nothing has happened. Is this normal? What can I do? I had lots of gold that I had purchased that is now lost until problem is fixed. :(