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  • Flat Stanley -

    Are you Buckeyechamp?

  • Bigtallnerd419 -

    I really like your signature.

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  • MichiganUSA -

    How do you do the thing that says your city?

  • KFGauss -

    I obviously realized that I was adding one more short message to the pile. Duh.
    If you have a better way to discourage endless silly jibber-jabber - I'm listening.

    • The Pale Rider -

      as i did .. simple point their point have no validity. then ignore

    • KFGauss -

      When the drivel is mixed in with more useful posts in what are generally useful threads, you're stuck with either not using the forum at all (that's a little exaggerated, but you get my point) or opening every thread (that you hope will hold something useful), just to learn that 80% of the recent updates have been nothing more than trolling and grab-assing. That gets in the way of "ignoring".

      Any way - I hope at least one person takes the hint.

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    Spend that gold chump i mean champ.

  • NFS 1 -

    My name is hans casey

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  • CDRCrimson42 -

    Why can’t I post on any threads or use this?

  • bobqz -

    Yes sir. I know what you mean. I am almost burnt out myself. But I still want to read the forum and see what people are doing.

  • bobqz -

    Happy to see you. I have read a post of yours in a long time .

    • The Pale Rider -

      thanks.. yeah its been a good while. I got burnt out on game last yr. Then ended up getting a big old world map art peace above my desk. looking at countriies got me thinking of CoN again. So figured what the heck....logged in and saw the north america game so figured wtf. Was a little rusty first day but all coming back. started with British columbia started in like 25th place by day 3 moved up to number 1. day 5 have most west coast... now will move east. I always pick a smaller country in corner as strategy. easier to fight in 1 direction.

    • The Pale Rider -

      thanks bob, good to be back.

  • PerigeeNil -

    What are the (non-navy) units that you like to use again? Trying to consider a landlocked country that you might find tolerable.

    • The Pale Rider -

      well besides my strike Fighters .. usually mot inf / NG I did play Morraco on Blood and Oil and although had navy never really made much use of it. so did go AFV (like better than tanks) ; some mobile AA but has never really needed as would have strike fighters and a back up squad of Air Supp to clear the air.

      Maybe Iran I guess or Chad?? .. that middle europe thing is a mess with moutains but like Austria has to be the ultimate challenge

    • The Pale Rider -

      current game my only armor i have is the single RCV I started with ;) But now have like 25 Planes

    • PerigeeNil -

      Yeah, I often don't play with much armor. Ummmm... okay, let me take a look, and I'll see what I think sounds like it might be worth you trying. Iran has one port, by the way. Not much, but not completely landlocked. It's a pretty strong country, though.

    • PerigeeNil -

      Maybe Kazakhstan? Big country and very spread out, so it's good for using those fighters you like. SAM bonus for incoming aircraft when/if you're offline. Quicker AFV tree than European-style nations. Artillery bonuses for dealing with Russian armor. Lots of early neutral AI neighbors to bang out and gain some extra cities. Forbidding terrain to the east makes sneak attacks from China/Mongolia unlikely before you see them.

    • Tigre del sur -

      Hola, disculpen que es RCV?

  • PerigeeNil -

    There's a WWIII 4x game starting pretty soon. Let's be in it.

  • The Pale Rider -


    1. Best way is to attack coast cities first. If they have a stack say 3 inf/1 rcv as soon as you hit them once with ship AI sends everything besides 1 inf to sea. Just keep shelling the 1 inf in city the other escaping units will run into ship and basically sink themselves.

    2. If run into stack away from coast dont charge at it take prov by it and back up and/or hit with artillary. once hit 1 unit will break away and chase after artillary so just keep backing up and easy to get that unit.

    If unit breaks towards you is just a tank/rcv etc just dofge it and let it sit there.

    3. Often if you create a border on an AI and wai a bit it will start breaking off any armor stacks into single units and send them into your territory. I leave them till board they cant do any damage.

    4. Countries that are AI for a while basically break off all into single units and cover as many 1 unit per prov as possible. so I just send 4/5 stack of strike fighters to take out units in path of my inf. but if you just go in blind then end up speed bumbing each single unit.

    the radar change makes this a little more tricky as will scout out area to see all the pprov with blimps and only send inf without aircover where blips arent.

    And in general just be patient. if have artillary ; ships; planes just chip at them. never lose troops against AI

  • 737373elj -

    You said you know how to attack an AI country right? Could you teach me :D?