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  • Burnedknight -

    I need help accessing my account. was playing on mobile and had to get a new phone. when I try to log in it says account already exists and sends me to a new account

  • Jiku_J -

    Hello whenever I try to join a game it says failed to load

  • BELLI -

    Hi I'm having problems joining my games, it just keeps reloading but nothing happens.

  • vibequebec1 -

    hello i would like to know why i was banned from the help channel because i was helping a guy and i copied and pasted him from the support channel to the help channel and his message was blocked because of his inappropriate content???

  • Overcaster71 -

    I am in a middle of a game cant get in is there and anybody having same issue it is game 6056407

  • OpenCountry -

    In an attempt to add gold to my original (and only at the time) account (named: OpenCountry, Rank 45-Sargent 1st class), I inadvertently created a second account where the purchased gold was sent. The account created in error that contains the gold is named: Opncoun, Rank 1 – Recruit. I do not want this account which I have never used. Please transfer my gold to the original/OpenCountry account. I will then delete the unwanted account. I thank you in advance.

  • Risotto44 -

    Hey Cptamerica i tryed to get in my match and it doesnt work… i try to reloog and start the game again but it does not help could you help me? Are the server down?

  • KingNL -

    hey cptamerica i have lost my phone yesterday... got myself a new iphone went to the ap store to instal conflict of nation ww3 but i cant acces my main account its giving me a new account my username used to be ( user28296836 )
    can you pleas help me out recovering my account

  • Redsand -

    Hello, I want to report a user who threatened to hack me and is repeatedly threatening me about it. is that possible? and how can i report it?

  • Wilko1 -

    Hi Cptamerica rcould you help me please i have been banned but have no idea why, my in game name is Wilko1

  • Milermaier8 -

    Hi, It stops giving me experience points Im playing 3 server at same time and winnig and Im not getting any point stil on the same number for a week :( Can you help me please? My account Milermaier8

  • 3May1984 -

    Also nice to see you on the forum again

  • 3May1984 -

    Can I please be allowed to post?

  • Generalen0112 -

    Hello. Im new and dont know where to write.
    I have a problem, in my game nr 4,097,008 my unit is stuck. I cant move it at all. The units name is 1st Anti-air division and it is placed in tver in russia.
    It seems that the unit think its out in the water but there in no port at the river. Its in important unit in the game and im on my way to win so i really need that unit.
    Can you help me out?

  • Hanwil -

    I bought a Bunch of gold then broke my phone how do I recover my game and account

  • Iron Rooster -

    Iron Rooster was here

  • The Pheonix -

    This dude ban me for no reason

    • The Pheonix -

      Actually he banned me because I criticized him

      Just know that CON is a dictatorship not a democracy and that the mods will ban you for no reason and give you no chance to get back. It is their company so they have the right to do that though

  • Christian730 -

    Game #3827854 Mobile. Racist Coalition “I Hate All Minorities”. Dr. Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia,

  • Michael58126 -


  • Bimpey -

    my units are unable to move out of a city. could you please refresh the server. the game is #3744562

  • C4lipxp -

    Hey, im in game #3609035 and with the recent update i cant see the map! Need help pls.

  • BIGGUNS104 -

    I purchased the lowest gold package. It then told me there was a game error. Then the Black Friday deal popped up. I tried again. Purchasing the lowest gold option with the Black Friday deal. Both charges were approved and charged, but neither purchase actually gave me gold. I’m sorry if this is not the place to discuss but I’ve spent all day figuring out how to reach someone on the support level

  • Darth Spock -

    Are you the dude (or dudette) who is in charge of the RPU? If so, I am interested in the rp games on conflict of nations, how can I join?

  • webbyrelic -

    I think I have run into a player playing multiple accounts or a wolfpack on game 3389155. the player or players are silverfox, bollplupp, mad_Dogz, muttley688, and user3665766. never ran into a case where someone with 11 cities can hold off someone with 62 cities and out produce in troops. which was silverfox . I joined his alliance then the spain attacks when I beat back spain on day 37 canada attacks for the first time in game

  • CGUTI -

    what is the most high points ever made to win a solo game?
    I think I made a high score

  • deleted_user01 -

    Do you know who can change my email for the forum and the game?

  • Hellenic -

    Hello, I am playing the game on a Mac through Steam network... Recently my game maps are distorted.. I cleared steams cache, I uninstalled the game and installed it again but the problem is still there.. Any suggestions?

  • FlashStein -

    Here is the game number 2821091 since there is no option to send it direct to support from within the game. Game wont load just a white screen playing in two other rooms those load fine. Also, having to create a second account to make a report to support is ridiculous. Finally, on your registration page for the forum (LOL two accounts for one game) you can not see in some fields as the text color and the background are the same. Might want to address that.

  • Guerriero85 -

    how can I delete my account?

  • Jackson -

    Hello, how do I change nickname in game?