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  • ross222 -

    this my last comment but exactly what i was saying,This sort of simulates the reality of modern day general intelligence akin to the CIA factbook and other sources. These have been around since at least the 70s and give a good indication about enemy infrastructure, economy, forces etc.
    Of course today this has shifted to the internet, but even before there was quite a bit openly known. Now of course that doesn't go for every installation in RL etc. but we took a decision in the game and stuck with it so far. this a copy from germanico

    • Efreet -

      It's not the argument I couldn't polemize with, only because Germanico said that, as you are trying to suggest. You are probably very excited about, and push it again to the wall. By this behavior you only admit that you break the rules or taken that too personally. Quick reference : First, CIA is the knowledge of a superpower, and game concept (excluding some scenario like Able Archer) not generate superpowers by default. Second, knowledge of superpowers is not the knowledge of low, mediocre, or even technologically advanced countries below 10 on the world top list.

      And no, you're not right - that's not your last comment. It's a matter of life and death to you. I wonder when such 'smartass' like you figure out, that it leads to nowhere. ;)

  • m.raffay -

    how did you get the rank of first lieutenent