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  • dvmarin -

    Hi Yak! game 2787100 day 29. Inactive nations (Portugal, Iran and Sweden) have suddenly begun to madly build buildings and armies. All three are players with only one game, and therefore inexperienced. I suspect that a player (Turkey) controls them. Instead, the other inactive players build nothing. I would like to know if I should report it, or if it is possible that the computer suddenly becomes an expert builder in some specific countries. Thank you!

  • Samuel PM -

    Hello, I'd like you to increase my membership limit for my Alliance.

    The current limit is 20 members and it's very low.

  • tails85 -

    Hi, i join an alliance,they accept it.

    But it didn't show that i join. My name in game name is tails85

    What's wrong ?

  • Bathan69 -

    Game 2688780. Une coalition utilise le drapeau nazi et se nomme "Nazi Germany". Insuportable !

  • Jonathan 95 -

    Bonjour, pouvez-vous vérifier que le joueur "Hasat" qui contrôle la Turquie dans la partie 2.645.607 a bien obtenue son OR légalement car il a 0 victoires et depuis ce matin il gold comme un fou.

    Recherche en tous genre et plusieurs niveaux pour plusieurs unités en une journée
    fabrication d' Avions, Bateaux, missiles, Ressources il a beaucoup d' or.


  • diverpop -

    Map number 2650523
    Please check this player ( ZELWOOD ) playing by SPAIN he is cheater when we attack some of us do not lose his troops even though my forces are higher than him in development


    Hi. Sorry if this is not the right place to post this, but it's now more than six hours I can't run my game #2583879. I swear I tried everythins and looked almost everywere before writing here. TU for Your attention.

    • Alphh -

      Hi SHRAPNE,

      Thank you for letting us know, we are investigating as we speak and I will keep you updated

    • SHRAPNE -

      Ok, tks. Let's hope my enemy suffered the same problem. We were excanging balistic missiles and Cruise like comfits. :)

    • Alphh -

      Please start a conversation with me via the forum so I can keep you updated, thank you for your patience!

    • SHRAPNE -

      Sorry: don't know how to do that, I tried via Discord and via "memssages" in the frum, but nether work with me. :( Thant _you_ for Your patience. So long... my be it can help: I don't know. Just a little bit of time before I tried to "reload" the game, bored by really unbeareble slowness, I launched a balistic missile against a City, but at the moment of the impact the system didn't me any message about hit, capture or anything about le missile. It was just like I hadn't launched it at all!! :)

    • Alphh -

      Hi Shrapne,

      Your issue should be now fixed! Please try to log into the game! and let me know :)

  • ltningmage -

    I have screen shots - do you want to know the game? game 2580032 joeybagadelli (ireland) is cheating. Just destroyed 2 infantry with 1 hit from a superiority fighter, then finished off 2 more infantry and a recon
    vehicle with 2 more hits. How to report a cheater???

    • Alphh -

      Hi Itningmage,

      Please submit a bug report about this so we can look into it.

      Have a nice day

  • Caminhante_BR -

    i`m asking helping about a problem, posted the question here, no answer from email,no answer from steam forum and you just deleted my conversation.

    • Alphh -

      Hi Caminhante_BR, my wall is not used to answer questions. We have received your latest e-mail response and we will tackle it today.

  • RedDredd -

    I have 2 helicopters stuck in transport trucks that will not unload. They are at an airfield than has been damaged. Must the airfield be undamaged to unload them?

    • Alphh -

      Hi RedDredd,

      Please submit a bug-report about this issue so we can investigate this further!

  • JosephFrost -

    Thanks a ton for getting back to me on that model! Looks great!

  • JulesTheKiller -

    thank you for fixing the problem

  • kacsak -

    Hi! help me please! I'm playing via armorgames, and I'd like to try by steam, but how can I log in to my exist account? armorgames login let me in automatically without a password.

    • Alphh -

      Hi Kacsak,

      Thank you for reaching out! Lets conversate via private chat so we can sort this out!

  • Mohamed_Nay -

    hi i would like to delete my game account can u please tell me how and where i can do it?

    • Alphh -

      Hi, please contact me personally via conversation so we can tackle this. Thanks!

  • Jackpinesavage -

    Could not activate game 2019855 on server, your game is currently unavailable or does not exist anymore, please try again later.