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  • Sipo -

    Hello, I cant join my game 2837941, started it yesterday and I cant find it in games or in the search. Please help.


    Hi. Sorry if this is not the right place to post this, but it's now more than six hours I can't run my game #2583879. I swear I tried everythins and looked almost everywere before writing here. TU for Your attention.

    • Alphh -

      Hi SHRAPNE,

      Thank you for letting us know, we are investigating as we speak and I will keep you updated

    • SHRAPNE -

      Ok, tks. Let's hope my enemy suffered the same problem. We were excanging balistic missiles and Cruise like comfits. :)

    • Alphh -

      Please start a conversation with me via the forum so I can keep you updated, thank you for your patience!

    • SHRAPNE -

      Sorry: don't know how to do that, I tried via Discord and via "memssages" in the frum, but nether work with me. :( Thant _you_ for Your patience. So long... my be it can help: I don't know. Just a little bit of time before I tried to "reload" the game, bored by really unbeareble slowness, I launched a balistic missile against a City, but at the moment of the impact the system didn't me any message about hit, capture or anything about le missile. It was just like I hadn't launched it at all!! :)

    • Alphh -

      Hi Shrapne,

      Your issue should be now fixed! Please try to log into the game! and let me know :)

  • ltningmage -

    I have screen shots - do you want to know the game? game 2580032 joeybagadelli (ireland) is cheating. Just destroyed 2 infantry with 1 hit from a superiority fighter, then finished off 2 more infantry and a recon
    vehicle with 2 more hits. How to report a cheater???

    • Alphh -

      Hi Itningmage,

      Please submit a bug report about this so we can look into it.

      Have a nice day

  • Caminhante_BR -

    i`m asking helping about a problem, posted the question here, no answer from email,no answer from steam forum and you just deleted my conversation.

    • Alphh -

      Hi Caminhante_BR, my wall is not used to answer questions. We have received your latest e-mail response and we will tackle it today.

  • RedDredd -

    I have 2 helicopters stuck in transport trucks that will not unload. They are at an airfield than has been damaged. Must the airfield be undamaged to unload them?

    • Alphh -

      Hi RedDredd,

      Please submit a bug-report about this issue so we can investigate this further!

  • JosephFrost -

    Thanks a ton for getting back to me on that model! Looks great!

  • JulesTheKiller -

    thank you for fixing the problem

  • kacsak -

    Hi! help me please! I'm playing via armorgames, and I'd like to try by steam, but how can I log in to my exist account? armorgames login let me in automatically without a password.

    • Alphh -

      Hi Kacsak,

      Thank you for reaching out! Lets conversate via private chat so we can sort this out!

  • Mohamed_Nay -

    hi i would like to delete my game account can u please tell me how and where i can do it?

    • Alphh -

      Hi, please contact me personally via conversation so we can tackle this. Thanks!

  • Jackpinesavage -

    Could not activate game 2019855 on server, your game is currently unavailable or does not exist anymore, please try again later.