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  • Tigger7 -

    All my games are not loading, help pls

  • Menorco -

    Hola, no se como abrir un hilo para preguntar mis dudas!! o buscarlas en preguntas ya contestadas!! alguien puede orientarme? Gracias

  • 737373elj -

    What’s a cm
    My internet lingo is never up-to-date

  • rspen446 -

    based on your comments on posts, I would love to play you and wipe you out and prove most of your comments wrong, LOL!

  • EdinKerla -

    Whay is not Bosnia and Herzegovina in game,IT was befor but not now ,money People’s ASK ,the dont wont Play with another country.

  • MexesAS -

    how can i report one cheater has more than 1 account ?
    there is one player with name "Covid2021" he's playing Turkey in the game and he has second account with name "T8790" i'm sure 100% he's cheating and he knows everything what i did because the second account is in my coalition he told me what happen in my coalition, please can someone tell me what should i do to report him?

    • Teburu -

      you just make an ingame bugreport?

    • MexesAS -

      my account still under review, you didn't accept my account to post or replay, so i can't post anything and about the cheater, i hope to review his account because i'm sure he's cheating

    • MexesAS -

      i'm trying to reach to the developer but he disabled the conversation

    • jemandanderes -

      I don't know if you still read this, but have you thought about this people just being friends or allied in an other way? Or that the one account is just using a lot of gold to reveal you forces, so he knows everything? Maybe he even just uses the money spies at the right places or just radar, depends on what he knows. But that he is cheating is not what has to be the case there.

  • ramman3737 -

    How do I report it.

  • 737373elj -

    English: table
    Japanese: テーブル (Teburu)

    • Demi234 -


    • 737373elj -

      That’s the Google Translate Romaji. If you wanted the real thing it would be Te-BuRU, with each capital representing a new character

  • 69Latryque -


    I can't find the damage statistics for chemical and nuclear ballistic missiles, I can only see the statistics for missiles with conventional warheads. Do you know where I can find this information please? (I have looked in the recruitment and research information points, but the statistics are only displayed in conventional and not in chemical and nuclear)

    Best regards

  • Tirannosauro -

    what does it mean that the officer can be in only one battlefield at the same time ??? what is identified with "Battlefield" ???

    • Teburu -

      Officers are special unit that give boosts in attack/defense/speed to certain units, you can only recruit one officer of each type so recruiting for example two naval officers is impossible.
      Battlefield simply refers to the map you're playing.

    • Stratieon -

      I must say that "battlefield" implies a single theater of warfare as opposed to the entire map, perhaps that "only x officers may be recruited at a time."

  • Wubblyboofus -

    "A nerf to gold would be a nerf to dorados income :D"
    oh my do you even know how money works??
    if the same amount of gold accomplished less in game, people would have to pay more to do whatever they wanted to do lol

  • ross222 -

    hello are you already in an allince