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  • Tirannosauro -

    what does it mean that the officer can be in only one battlefield at the same time ??? what is identified with "Battlefield" ???

    • Teburu -

      Officers are special unit that give boosts in attack/defense/speed to certain units, you can only recruit one officer of each type so recruiting for example two naval officers is impossible.
      Battlefield simply refers to the map you're playing.

    • Stratieon -

      I must say that "battlefield" implies a single theater of warfare as opposed to the entire map, perhaps that "only x officers may be recruited at a time."

  • Wubblyboofus -

    "A nerf to gold would be a nerf to dorados income :D"
    oh my do you even know how money works??
    if the same amount of gold accomplished less in game, people would have to pay more to do whatever they wanted to do lol

  • ross222 -

    hello are you already in an allince