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  • BlackDragon -

    Hello Chucullian.

    I play the game through Steam.
    I want to buy gold and pay for it at steam, but when you have paid there you have to press approve afterwards to get the gold, only I keep getting a payment error so I pay for gold but can't even get it.
    The steam support team tried to help me but they can't find or solve the problem and advised me to go to you and discuss this with you and get the solution for this.

    I would really like to have this problem solved.
    I have already thrown a lot of money into the game in the past, but now I cannot buy gold at all because I keep getting that payment error while there is enough money on my steam account to buy gold.


    The game is not letting me make any Commanders in all the conflict games I am currently playing. This HAS to be a bug.

  • KingNL -

    hey chucullain i have lost my phone yesterday... got myself a new iphone went to the ap store to instal conflict of nation ww3 but i cant acces my main account its giving me a new account my username used to be ( user28296836 )
    can you pleas help me out recovering my account

  • Wilko1 -

    Hi chucullain could you help me please i have been banned but have no idea why, my in game name is Wilko1

  • Help me Please -

    Hello, I would like to change my Username from User21129108 to BIG DIRTY BOMBER but it says I've already used my one username change. Please help

  • Milermaier8 -

    Hi, It stops giving me experience points Im playing 3 server at same time and winnig and Im not getting any point stil on the same number for a week :( Can you help me please? My account Milermaier8

  • seeyou45 -

    The game updated or something because the page would not refresh. i leave and come back 30 minutes later. i check my logs. Somehow i lost 5 towed artilery and it does not appear in my logs. This kind of thing has happened to me before. very annoying. It really makes me want to quit this game sometimes. Why does this happen?? When i tell support this, its like they dont believe me. Yet its not in the logs, yet i lose hard earned military hardware. I also have to wait 24 to 48 hours for a response, by then the game has moved on. yet i buy gold to win. and might loose because of these "glitches". Seriously, u need better support or to iron out these bugs. i pay a lot of money per game. u can atleast have someone available to chat with so i can be reimbursed in some way. i work all week, play this game to relax, only to be cheated by the game itself. so if u want me to stay here playing your game and buying gold, get your act together. i have a playstation 5 so i can just start using that instead from now on. i want this checked and if these damn things disappear for no reason, then u need to be damn sure u compensate me ASAP so i can get them all back! Otherwise.... seriously..... screw this game!

  • Gen.Thomas70 -

    Can you please tell me if I can use a mobile device for the alliance challenges? I started a challenge but it said we had to get on computer. We don’t use computers.

  • Hanwil -

    How can I recover my account I broke my phone

  • David111 -

    Good morning,
    I was wondering why you would stop my game right when I was a third of the way to conquering the map. I spent a ton of money on research and troops and now they are gone. I want the levels of research and the troops returned to me.

    • jemandanderes -

      I'm pretty sure that this person is not a staff member and hasn't been active since the 26th of december, you should rather contact someone else. Or even better, make a thread here:…ard/5-bug-reports-issues/ .

      But considering the specific topic I don't think anyone can help you, the game just ends after someone has achieved enough VPs. If someone get's close to that amount, you should attack them and take VPs away from them.

      Also no one is going to return the research and troops to you. Research and troops are something you make for one game, it NEVER get's transfered over to other games. If it were, the game would just die out because some players start with a way too strong advantage, so most players would stop playing, which would result in only playing with players with strong troops so the people which haven't won would also stop playing until in the end no one plays the game anymore.

  • _wielebny_ -

    hello my map is dead - can you reset the server? I can't log in for 2 hours, map 3397089

  • LGNDViktor -

    hello, I don't know why my 4x server got ban. Can u please check for me. I will lose if I get ban for so long. I don't use any cheating system.

  • CHEMA555 -

    hello. this morning I bought 113,000 gold on the stock through PayPal for 13.99 EUR, the money was withdrawn and there is no gold, what to do, tell me please.